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  1. im on my 1st grow in my tent 6 weeks into flowering and i found seed sacks in the lower flowers, what should i do? harvest now,wait it out or try and remove sacks they are on all 3 of my plants now:mad:?
  2. Nothing wrong with hermie smoke......since it already has pollinated there is no point in harvesting until they are ready........keep looking and removing anymore visible bananas/pollen sacs.....
  3. thank you
  4. thts the BEST response to wat to do with a hermie-optimistic. ervy1 else says chop it with no say in if you should keep it. i have 4 large 4ft clones right now hermie. ive been picking balls daily. i will report my results here as far as the hermie harvest & smoke.
    it hermie'd in the 2nd week of flowering-HT 'how to grow a pound every 3 weeks' NFT hydro setup. EST. harvest date: OCT 31
  5. HERMIES ARE SAVABLE!!! i caught it immediately, like week 2 or 3 in flowering. I carefully pulled off the new growth of bananas & balls, starting from the base to each branch. i also removed any small growth that were too small to keep pinching.
    After this, i only had a few plants with few branches. So i did a technique that i saw videos on, SUPERCROPPING- youtube it. This technique WORKS, at 1st i questioned if my harvest would yield an ounce. NOW-3 weeks from harvest, i question if the yield will be a Q.P.!!

  6. the yield results are in and the 4 clones under 400w that hermie'd weighed in @ 144grams/5oz. i got about 30-50 seeds just to over guestimate, 5 have sprouted.
    Since i have mythbusted the question of keeping a plant that hermie'd; Im testing the offspring to see if they will be female or hermaphrodite and how sensitive the females will be to stress to hermaphrodite. I mean, if they do, either/OR i will have buds to smoke!
    I will post pictures soon. Hope this helps someone.:D

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