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  1. I had a female turn hermi. Will there be any female seeds in that plant. Or should I throw it away

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  2. If your plant self rodelized, your seed's are going to have an "increased" chance of carrying over the hermi trait to the next gen.
    I would bin them, use fresh reg's or feminized.
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    A Female plant that pollinate's "It's Self" will produce an XX Seed. Even though it has Male sex organ's, the Pollen is an X Chromosome. You will either get a Female or a Hermi. In this method you are inbreeding, keeping the same genetic's.

    Two Female plant's, one "Pollinating" the "other" Female. This will produce an XX Seed. The Male Pollen is still an X Chromosome, in this method you are "changing" the Genetic's.

    And there are "Two Methods" to achive this outcome through,

    #1 Natural Rodalization.

    #2 Chemically induced Hermaphroditisum.

    The pollen contains only female, or X, chromosomes because the plant has no Y, or male, chromosomes. The progeny will inherit an X from the male flower’s pollen and an X from the egg donor female flower. The resulting seeds can only inherit two X chromosomes, which means that almost all the resulting seeds will be girls! Congratulations!

    Now you got it! The plant that "pollinated itself" does have a higher chance of having hermie seeds, but if it's pollinated by another girl then "True Feminized" seeds you will have. To a point...

    Breeder's these day's dont Feminize Seed's through "Rodalization". As we have CS & STS Methods.
    The "Hermi Trait" is "breed out" over time, till it give's a stable strain. Accounting for the 99.99% chance.
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  4. A plant that pollinates itself through rodelization, whether naturally or induced, will produce female seeds.
    A plant that produces both female and male flowers (balls) early in flower is a true hermaphrodite and any seeds produced will carry the hermaphrodite trait.

    To the OP - when you say your plant hermied - did it produce balls early in flower or did it produce nanners late in flower?
  5. Throw the plant away?
    There maybe seeds in the bud, but not necessarily.
    A plant that easily throws out male flowers isn't desirable breeding stock so I wouldn't bother growing out the seeds
  6. It did not have balls early in flower I ended up moving and there is a hemp field near by and I'm pretty sure the wind blew the hemp plants in. But I am growing indoors now

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  7. This is the plant 20190815_192447.jpg

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  8. I do rodelization to obtain seeds and never have issues with hermies.
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