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  1. Hi,
    I finished my first grow this fall using herbies seeds.  I grew feminized autoflowers from 00 seeds as well as the freebies from herbies.  The autos were chocolate skunk and bubblegum.  The freebies were strawberry blue and Hawaiian skunk haze.  All of them were female including the regulars freebies.  I must have somehow hermied one of them because there were seeds in them.  I live in the Midwest and I can't rule out wild hemp pollinating them but I think it probably was from hermies.  My grow was a guerrilla grow in a field in the woods.  The plants were spaced around 15 feet from each other in the field.  I was so disappointed that there were seeds that I ended up throwing all of it away.  I don't want to smoke weed that has seeds.  
    Now I  will get to my question for anyone who can help me.  What strains can I grow next spring that will not hermie no matter how bad they get stressed?  I want to grow Barney's tangerine dream but I have heard that it occasionally hermies.  Has anyone had any experience growing tangerine dream from Barney's or tangie from Reserva Privada outdoors guerrilla style? I had the opportunity to smoke some tangie from a dispensary and I thought I had died and gone to heaven.  I just want to grow a tangerine plant that is even close to as good as a tangie and I want it to have very little risk of turning hermie.  
    I would appreciate your thoughts and advice.  This next spring will be my second grow and if my plants become seeded I will have no choice but to stop growing.  If I am going to risk jail time by taking plants out of the woods, I will only run that risk for sinsemilla plants.  

  2. Throwing it away was a bit drastic, not that long ago most of the weed you got had seeds( OK 20+ years ago, showing my age). Did you even try it? :confused_2:
    Not sure what your problem was but plants getting pollenated in outdoor grows is always a risk, pollen can travel for miles on the wind.
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    My advice is only buy seeds from reputable breeders. If you are buying cheap feminized seeds, you might come out with some hermies.
    And it's not Herbies fault..they just buy the seeds from breeders to re-sale. It's the breeders fault if they are selling hermie stuff.
  4. I have heard that Tangerine Dream from Barney's is not very stable. I have also heard that Barney's hermie quite often. Everyone in Colorado is concerned now that Hemp is a legal crop as having pollen floating in the air will definetly have an impact. I have however had great luck with older strains. One of my favorite is Original Amnesia from DinaFem. I have grown out over 25 of these and never had one go bad. The phenos are identical from one plant to the next as well....extremely stable.
  5. I remember seeds in almost every bag, I also remember smoking some pretty damn good smoke back then. Ya its a bit drastic too throw them out. If not for smoke there's always concentrates.
  6. Did they Hermie or get knocked up?
  7. I asked a girls dad that once and got a smack in the mouth...
  8. Hi,
    Yeah I tried one my Cream of the Crop northern lights x big bud and the world of seeds afghan kush ryder.  I didn't cure them I just dried them and they didn't even get me high.  They had a bunch of seeds and they lost most of their smell and flavor.  I don't know if curing would have made much of a difference.  I was so disappointed with how my autos turned out that I didn't even bother to bring the freebie photoperiod plants out of the woods.  Once I saw they had seeds I was so disappointed.  They had big colas and trichs but I was so mad at myself for missing a hermie that I just chopped them and rubbed a little bit of charas on the spot.  The tiny bit of charas I got (I am an amateur) did get me high.  However, I think that the seeding of my plants ruined the flavor, aroma, and thc content of my plants.  I made a decision right there and then that I wasn't going to risk getting busted carrying a couple pounds of seeded weed out of the woods.  It's just not worth it to me.  I will run that risk only for sinsemilla.  The funny thing is that my early autos from 00 seeds didn't have seeds in them but they didn't get me high after drying them.  So I bought more autos and those had seeds.  My theory was that the 00 seeds were the hermies and the pollen contaminated the grow site.  They were cheap seeds after all.  The Cream of the Crop seed was expensive though.
  9. Hi,
    To be honest I don't know.  I never did spot the hermie.  But keep in mind that I am a new grower.  My eye is not trained to spot hermies.  It could have been pollinated from nearby wild hemp.  I can't rule that out.  We do have wild hemp that grows easily within 5 miles of my grow site.  There is nothing I can do about that.  Wild hemp is a prolific weed around here.  However, I think it is more likely that I stressed one of the plants out and caused it to hermie.  I was hitting them with big doses of Fox Farm grow big and Tiger Bloom way too often.  But I hear some plants won't hermie no matter how much you stress them.  My goal is to find genetics that will not hermie for next spring.  I worry that I will fail to spot a hermie again.
  10. The title of you're post seems to put the blame on Herbie's. You don't need to look for plants that won't Hermie you just need to learn your craft. You keep saying Hermie but even you say your eyes are not trained to spot Hermie's. If you're going to grow right next to wild hemp you might want to get used to seeds. I live in an area where wild hemp is literally everywhere, farm country around here. I wouldn't attempt an outside grow here.
  11. Growing situations are not always perfect.  You have to make due with what you have.  Nothing ventured nothing gained.  It was still a great experience for me to successfully grow the plants.  I consider it a success because even though they had seeds they still were fat healthy green plants with fat colas!  I just simply don't want to risk jail time for seeded plants.  If I am going to get busted it will be with sinsemilla only.  I am considering using only cold resistant autos next year and putting them out early to dodge any pollen that might be in the air.  I still think the culprit was most likely a hermie though.  I will be 100 times more vigilant in watching for nanners next year.
  12. Never said it wasn't right for you. I also never said it wasn't a hermie. Nor did i say you should not consider it successful. Its your first grow and its apparent you dont know rather it was pollinated or hermies, all your doing is speculating its a hermie with no knowledge of what a hermie is or looks like. What I said is that I wouldn't grow outside around here, where I live because of wild hemp. Around here in my area the chances of growing outside without developing seeds is slim. The county right next to us is considered to have 1 of the largest populations of wild hemp in the states and our county isn't far behind. There's a bunch of reason it could of hermied there's also a bunch of males in the area that could of caused it. Don't guess.......research
  13. Yup I do have knowledge of what a hermie is and looks like. I did research on hermies and guerilla growing for a whole year before I decided to grow.  In fact, I am probably just as well versed about guerilla growing as anyone out there.  I researched browndirt warrior's methods and adapted them to fit my situation.  I know I can grow dank ass buds.  I know I can grow just as good outdoor medicine as browndirt or any other guerilla grower out there.  I just had a minor set back this season which I fully expected could happen on my first grow.  Although I have never spotted a hermie in person, I know what the nanners look like.  
    My original post is calling on anyone who knows strains that have an extremely low tendency to hermie.  I know that there are certain strains out there that will rarely hermie no matter what you do to them.  And no my title is not blaming Herbies. It's stating a fact.  I bought seeds from Herbies that most likely hermied on me.  I am almost positive they hermied because the first set of autos had no seeds then the second set that were spaced close together had lots of seeds and then the freebie photoperiod plants had relatively few seeds.  The photoperiod plants were spaced further away from the autos.  There were no wild hemp plants growing in my immediate proximity (I thoroughly checked) and my spot was deliberately chosen because it was high ground.  Although it's possible the pollen could have floated through the woods and up high ground and to my spot I tend to go with a more likely explanation.  And that explanation is I bought cheap ass seeds and they hermied.  But at least I was able to rub some good black charas out of them.  Albeit the charas did not taste that great but at least I got high. I had never done that before and it was a very spiritual experience to rub charas in the woods in the Midwest. :)
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    MyWell you said you didn't have an eye for Hermie's so I took that as you had no clue, I didn't realize you had everything all figured out. Why are you on here asking for advice then?

    Did you take a 5-10 mile walk in all directions? Maybe its stress maybe its males, that's what I've said the whole time. Just because they all didn't have seeds does not cut pollination out of the mix nor does it exclude hermies.But since your such an expert and don't want input from anyone , I'll just say take it easy bro and have fun taking a chance growing a crop full of seeds next time. Personally I would find out what happened this year instead of guessing, which even you say honestly you didnt know, so I didn't repeat but hey too each their own. Its too late now anyways if you already cut them down and got rid of the waste. Either way its still not Herbie's fault if you stressed the hell out of them but cheap genetics could also be the problem, that's the risk you take when you buy cheap stuff
  15. You are way too sensitive.  Either that or you're trolling me lol.  And you never did actually understand what my post was all about.  I am not sure you even actually read the second paragraph of my original post.  I asked specific questions that people could help me with.  I honestly don't even know why I gave you any attention.  I was probably feeding you.  Have a good day now. :D
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    Hey you're an expert mind reader too, awsome. Tell me what number I'm thinking of???? No dude I was just trying to give u some info I thought might help. I'm not a mind reader i was going of you saying that you honestly didnt know what happened. Must be code for they hermied. Sorry i go with the english language when it comes to tge definition of words, not how the youngens use 1 word to mean another.I didn't know you knew exactly what happened. Thanks for being such a douche though gives me hope for you kids today
  17. Hey thanks for your strain suggestion.  I will definitely consider ordering Original Amnesia from DinaFem .  It's a shame about Barneys hermie problems because I really want to grow a tangerine strain.   Based on all the bad reports I am hearing about Tangerine Dream instability I think I might shell out the extra cash for the Reserve Privada Tangie strain.  The seeds are so much more expensive but I have tried the end result and I know how great it can taste if done right.
  18. Sure thing kid.  Whatever you say troll.  Cya later now.  You can leave.
  19. And I'm the troll lol....takes talent to troll you're own post....props to ya

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