Hermie? Pollen sac? Please help

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  1. Hello, newbie grower, autoflower northern lights 5 weeks in, reason to believe there may be stress, any idea if these are hermie or swollen clarynx, thanks

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  2. Theres a few of these about with pure orange hairs coming out, dont really look like pistils
  3. These things

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  4. What happened to your plant?
  5. That's what I'm asking mate
  6. Really? What the bits I circled
  7. Hairs that have turned orange. It’s already flowered.
  8. But j dknt think they have turned orange, I think they have grown out as orange, and the position of it is where pollen sacs are right? Sorry I just want to make sure
  9. The tear drop shaped things are calyx
  10. Okay nice, I'll try not worry lol
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  11. When u think its harvesting time then?
  12. I assume still a while?
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  13. What happened to the plant?
  14. I assume still a while?
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  15. 0327E039-3D6E-4FFF-B1EB-3800314679F2.png This is a 4 week old n l auto. It should look like this. It’s google image

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