Hermie picture for you all to examine

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by DevilRed, Jan 7, 2004.

  1. Okay so the strain: White Widow
    Plant type: Clone
    Grow location: Indoor

    This plant is 3 weeks into flowering and has produced random "pods" as you see in the picture. Only about 5-7 pods per plant have been produced so far. Ive been picking them off as soon as I see them. I inspect daily or every other day.

    This set of pods confused me. As you can see the plant has a female flower on top of the growth, but it has male pods below. Or what I perceive to be male mods. Im confused because one of the pods (lone one in pic) has a pair of hairs out the top, though it is identical to the other lone pocs (even though in the pic it looks different it looks 100% same besides the hairs).

    So here you go, look and learn. The little grape look'n fuggers are the "NUTS". What you don't ever want to see!!!

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  2. closer look

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  3. I've seen the female hairs coming out of male pods before on a male White Widow plant before. I am staring to think there's some really messed up genetics on White Widow and wouldn't recommend it to anyone right now. Most stories and posts about hermies over the past year have involved White Widow strain.
  4. well the high rate of problems with white widow may just be from it being such a highly grown but as of lately. You know lots of it out, there that chances of odd things is higher.

    Anyway, these were off of second generation clones of mine. Somehow I hermied them??????????/

    Great pic for new learning growers though to recognize a hermie or for that matter a male from a female
  5. Definately hermie mate...downer...try a new stock wariety...start from scratch with good seed stock .wild looking hermie by the way !! freaky
  6. Well im doing my best to keep this hermie in check. Im looking and I mean close for those pods, when I see them.....off they come.

    I have some white widow seeds, some blue misty and some bubblishouse to try out.

    Just germed a Blue Misty seed, hope its a lady.

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