Hermie Pics for those that wonder...

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    Hermies are trying to tell you that they are really not happy and think their species is at risk. This is why dioecious plants sometimes make the change.
    If you suspect a hermie, relax. If you are just starting to suspect, you have some time. If you haven't been monitoring your plants and just noticed, well... Not a lot I can do there.

    They can present in a couple of ways. "Balls" and "bananas". But before you find any of those, you will notice a change in the way the plant is presenting new female flowers.

    You can see that the flowers here really don't look right. They are actually male flowers getting ready to pop. If you find flower clusters that present like cherries, rather than spiraling up the branch, you likely have a problem plant.
    Granted, this hermie is pretty far along, but it does show the patterns to look for.

    The next pics are of "bananas"... These are usually what most find first...

    If your plants are far enough into the process, you will also see tiny yellow or blue flowers, like, flowers... With petals and a center tentacle like pistil, just really small..
    If you find these, you are way too late. If there were females in there, they are almost without a doubt, pregnant.

    Please take a moment and honor this fine White Widow lady that sacrificed herself (unnecessarily I may add) for the perceived greater good.
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  2. Awesome....ill bookmark this for a quick go to using "real life pics"...thanks

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