hermie or not hermie?

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  1. I've been flowering for a week now and my plant started getting white hairs and bud forming on the top, but it also looks like there are balls on the stem, they arnt big yet but this is my first grow so I needed advice as to whether or not those are male sacks or just pistils forming. Thanks!



  2. looks hermed to me.... :/
  3. OH! once you confirm what those ballz are. if you keep them trimmed and from releasing pollen you **should** be able to maintain the flowering on that plant, tho the end result wont be as awesome (iirc)
  4. Chop Chop!
  5. male fer sher man. sorry bout ur luck.
  6. [quote name='"its_420"']male fer sher man. sorry bout ur luck.[/quote]

    It isnt male. It has female parts.

    OP: keep removing balls as they form before they grow and pollenate your buds and you can still get a bit outta yer plant
  7. Cool thanks for all the fast feedback I appreciate it!
  8. my plant did this i thought i had a hermie but then i noticed that hairs were coming out of them balls only days after give, it a few more days and see what happens but keep watching it if it is a hermie cut the balls off but apparently if it does create seeds they will be ether hermid or female so hermids dont sound all that bad do they?
  9. Hermies are pretty bad. When you grow a female plant you want seedless cannabis. When the plant gets pollinated it diverts energy from bud and trichome growth to start making seeds, since seeds are higher priority for the plant. The potency on hermied plants go down and pollen releasing in your grow room will frustrate you for a long time, because if you don't get every last bit of pollen then even 100% females in future grows can get seeded.

    Also a hermie that pollinates itself is not going to be a seed that you are gonna want to use. It's going to have a high rate of hermaphroditic traits, and while controlled hermies are used to create fem seeds it's difficult to lock in female and lock out hermie.
  10. Well I do plan on using the same grow box for a while so Im not sure if I should kill the plant to protect my grow box from getting pollen all over the inside or just try and keep up with cutting the sacks off as they grow
  11. I know from personal experience that you can't get them all if it's a full blown hermie. I've had completely female plants get seeded branches because of 1 hermied plant's pollen (from previous grows) getting picked up by the fan or something. I've learned my lesson and I'm not going to take the risk anymore because the seeded branches never come out nice at all and the seeds I don't want to use either.
  12. No, it's all male. Those pointy leaves on top are just bud leaves, they aren't pistils.

  13. gonna have to say i agree with loki, im not seeing any female parts, just some extra long stipules and balls.
  14. I chopped it down two days ago just to be safe because I put a shit load of time and effort and money into my grow box and I plan on using it for a long time so I just ended up killing it instead of risking any pollen getting all over the inside or in some hidden place on my fan just waiting to ruin my next plant. It sucks hardcore but whatever I learned alot in the process for my next grow. I appreciate everyones fast feedback and suggestions!
  15. I buried a fan leaf in its memory hahaha
  16. That does suck but it was for the best, when you grow out a 100% female now you will be that much more satisfied because of the effort you put into making it the best it can be. Best of luck with future crops, if you post it I'll check it out.
  17. Thanks morange ya I saw what you were saying with not being able to get all 100% of the pollen out and its just not worth the risk. I appreciate the feedback and I should be starting my next grow within the week hopefully with some clones. Thanks again for the advice

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