Hermie or Foxtailing???

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  1. These are two purple kush (God's Gift) well into 10th week of flower. Just noticed a few spots that I wondered if could be nanners.

    They were in tent with 3 other girls that are in week 6. I separated the purple kush and put in a different tent just in case. Plan was to chop them Saturday morning. They will have been in flush for 2 weeks by Saturday. Should I chop early or just wait until Saturday still? 20190626_064737.jpg 20190625_224915.jpg 20190625_224904.jpg 20190625_224848.jpg 20190625_224854.jpg

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  2. No reason at this point to chop early. It's not unusual for plants to throw out some nanners late in flower - it's called rodelization.
  3. Ok does it mean I'm going to have seedy bud?

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  4. It depends on when the nanners appeared. If it's just within the last couple of weeks, that's not long enough for a seed to mature. There's nothing wrong with a few seeds.
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  5. Ok, I just noticed them this week so hoping all is good then.

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  6. Very normal for a plant to through a few at the end of its life. It's a last ditch attempt to pass on its genetics. I often allow my plants to flower longer than needed in order to obtain seeds. Rodelization is a great but not often used way to save genetics.

    As a buyer seeds are weight which means less bud.

    As a grower seeds arent always a bad thing.
  7. Thank you I feel better. Good way to look at it. I was wondering what i did wrong. Is there a chance they could have pollinated my other three that were with them?

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  8. They do release pollen so theres a chance. This late in flower I wouldnt worry about it if the other plants are roughly just as far along. It wont be many seeds and unless you let the plant flower longer than needed it will just be a few immature seeds at best. When I practice rodelization, I allow my plant to go to the point that the majority of the trics are amber. I'm trying to obtain seed though. Harvest when you're plants ready and you probably will have very few if any mature seed
  9. Those the calyx swelling happens as it ripen

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  10. Uh oh you have dicks coming out of your bud! Just kidding I think I do see a couple nanners. However the flowers look great. Little foxtailing but not bad.
  11. Harvested, got a lil over 9oz off both plants. They came out pretty good. 20190713_192045.jpg 20190713_191815.jpg 20190713_190248.jpg 20190713_191758.jpg

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