Hermie in grow-room. Should I clean room?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Spooky, Jan 22, 2007.

  1. Man, this week I found out that one of my plants went hermie and screwed the other plant in the process. It's no big deal, I'm a medical patient with access to clones, but what about my grow-closet? Should I thoroughly clean the mylar and surrounding areas before I start over? I pulled them today and want to add clones tomorrow. Is there anything I should expect?

    Thanks in advance,

    -- Spooks
  2. yes, i would recommend u disinfect everything, including reflectors, fans, pots (thats a given) or anything else that has come in contact with the pollen
  3. I've cleaned just about everything in the closet. The fan was cleaned very well, the blower, the reflector, the mylar -- everything. I even wiped down the wood that was showing at the top of the closet. My hydro units were also taken out, wiped down and flushed extremely well. If anything, everything looks new now...

    But I have one more question. How long should I wait before I introduce another couple of young ladies to my closet?

    -- Spooks
  4. Bump ...

    How long should I wait before I bring in new clones? I don't want any left over pollen messing things up

    Thanks in advance,

    -- Spooky
  5. Probably doesn't matter.
    Hopefully you cleaned it all up. If not, I don't think there is really a time limit. What stage was the hermie in? Was it mature and did it have pollen? If you just discovered it, it probably did not have time to fully mature and release pollen.
  6. I'm embarrassed to admit, especially with a ton of harvests behind me, but my plant was in about the sixth (6th) week of flowering before I noticed. It was a White Widow along side of a K2 ... Both were lost

  7. Yeah disinfect everything like BrazyJay, first said. More than enough time.
  8. I can't believe you ditched your grow cuase you hermied, so you have seedy weed, its not that terrible when its free, as it is you have lost what 10 weeks or more of grow time for nothing.

    Hey anyhow, you can put your clones in there now, as stated before time is not relevent. If you missed some pollen and it gets up on the ladies during flowering you'll have some good old femmed seeds.
  9. I'm not really hurting for weed right now. After four really nice harvests, I'm set for about a year now. That's why I'm only growing two plants at a time. And it takes me just about 56-60 days to grow from clone. That's about eight weeks. And then another week of drying. But you're right, in a way, that was a waste of time. But that's why I came to you folks, to refine an already working growroom.

    Thanks a billion guys!

    Oh, btw, I've got a couple of Master Kush ladies stretching out now.

    -- Spooks

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