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    This is a simple theory based on my observations with hermies.

    Last year I grew outdoor in a suburban neighborhood with a decent amount of light leaks and I yielded a shitload of good quality given the circumstances especially.

    The plants I used were notorious for hermie indoors. I used 10 different strains and did not get a single seed.

    Yet under "optimal" conditions the shit will show balls over nothing inside. Not just me who had this issues but other growers also.

    The only thing I've seen this boil down to is plant training. Outdoors I do very little in comparison. I don't top, supercrop, or any of that. All I do is a mild amount of leaf stripping (compared to indoors) and clean out the bottoms. This is the only thing I can substantially pinpoint the difference to. I've seen indoors when I stress plants by bending light burn and whatnot the plants like to start showing their sex even in veg.

    I think when this happens in finicky strains that like to hermie is that you can probably already see the "male balls" forming on a microscopic level and very often why you end up finding the balls on the lower / middle parts of the plant as opposed to the tops. I think the tops are just new growth from the stretch and hasn't been influenced by nearly as much stress.

    This is just a guess but it's something strange I've observed growing and it's the only thing I can point my finger on.
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  2. Interesting thought... I follow your process.
    I absolutely brutalize in my LST work... and not yet a hermie.
  3. I've grown dozens of cuts it seems all about genetics indoors.

    Outdoors I don't know whatever the difference may be they just don't want to herm as bad.
  4. Dabs710 I've seen similar results between a few people I know.
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  5. i have always understood it as a trait picked up by a weak phenotype of the strain im with you on the lack of understanding from a scientific perspective its quiet a grey area i dont think personally that training causes hermies but just my opinion :)
  6. i don't know what the hell it is either. from my experience a lot of these new exotic phenos are crybaby strains that the minute you go with higher PPM or you start stressing them just a little bit they want to herm. These same cuts did not do this outdoors period and I was placing a high chance on it too. Another grower who grew more than me outdoors last year reported the same thing. Everyone was shocked including the guy who originally had the cuts. He got rid of them cause he got sick of the hermie crap. He couldn't believe that my outdoors was seedless.

    If it's not the training what is it? I have no answer.
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  7. lol im with you also on the crybaby strains i try to keep to hybrids of well known heritage i honestly cant answer it too
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  8. a few plants had bug issues (one in particular pretty bad and seemed strain specific), when i transplanting a couple of them didn't go perfect, one plant outside was a previous mother plant (i didn't like it), there were windows, beams of streatlamp, and neighbor lights constantly or occasionally penetrating the garden. i cut extra fan leaves and ripped off bottoms. it was by far "stress free". I'd say the PPM of the feed I ran was pretty similar to indoors. i also used a lot of other supplements i used inside. the only variable I can think of is the plant training.

    i think that thing when you start cutting, pinching and bending, heavy stripping before day 1, just seems to send this finicky crap over the edge.

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