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  1. k boys n girls. ima wonderin sumthin, does a plant turn hermie late in budding or do both sexes show right from the begining of the start of budding?


    another thought....late into budding if all the sudden ya got your female turning right into a male, could it have become pollinated by a male in outdoor growing?
  2. its during the begn of flowering phase, i think the first month is most impt to not mess anything up, or go off on your cycles like me :) but i will be sure to let you know how long it takes to go hermie. im going 5+ days on an indoor gro sitting in the dark. but no signs of any hermie traits yet.
  3. thankya, ive never seen a full grown male before
    till now,.lol
    i think......
    i dont know wtf it is
    i coulda swore it was a girl before last week....:D

    maybe someone could show me a picture of a full blown grown up boy! eek.
  4. it can happen at any time. sometimes if a plant is the best part of the way through flowering and it hasnt bin polonated it will throw a male flower or to so it can get some seeds. if that happens to u just keep checkin the plant 4 male flowers and pick them off as u find them.

  5. how far into flowerin is it?
  6. 90% into budding.unfortunately almost harvest time....
    like at the top of the bud, its a bud. then as you go down the bud boom theres balls. and quite a few of em
    quite a few means alot....an if you dig into the buds an get ta lookin boom, more balls
    its like it went from female to male, an now its mostly male looking
    an i was pretty sure we got all the males.buuuut :D
  7. thats bad luck. id b gutted if it happend to me.

    u can do 1 of 3 things.
    harvest now.
    go mad tryin to pick all the male bits off
    just let it go the the last bit of flowerin and take wot u get. u shud still get some nice smoke off it.

    betta luk nxt time..
  8. oooh we picked it, didnt wanna wreck anthything else.
    an also its really really stinky and sticky so hopefully what is there will be smokeable

    aaaw shade....me ?grow???? ya think i LIKE sack-o-weed
    i grow all kindsa stuff just never any boys :D
  9. will do shade if its good maybe 3 or 4 :D

    thanks for your info guys,
    ya this does suck!!!!!!!!!!!


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