Hermie??!! help!

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  1. Tangerine dream auto day 61. 2 plants doing same thing.

    self pollinated herself? Nothing in the sacs wtf came out of nowhere. They’re everywhere.

    Need help on what next.

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  2. Late in the grow. She is almost done I’d say. Must have gotten pollinated. Has been really windy the last week. Oh well still have one super auto left just starting to show some pre flowers.

    What is your take on harvesting. Let more seeds develop or chop when trichomes ready.
  3. Looks like it got pollinated....... same thing happened to my GG autos, super windy week and bam seeds, i found about 14 seeds in all of my harvest. You can still amoke your bud, just remove seeds lol.
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  4. Now I know what a father must feel like when his daughter gets f@&$ed by some asshole lol
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  5. The damn milk man decided to spread his milk all over, mfr.

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