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  1. I grew to Gold Leaf plants outdoors, both of which hermied. They were very resinous and healthy plants otherwise and so far I have not found any seeds but the pollen sacs are very plentiful throughout the buds.
    Before the plants went into the flower phase, I took 4 clones, which are growing inside. Those 4 clones are now 4 weeks into flower and now all 4 clones are hermies.
    Does anyone else have any experience with Gold Leaf having issues with becoming hermaphrodites?
  2. yes the clones will be hermies too, better to restart this time with proper good seeds
    having hermies in your grow so early is not a good thing
    before germing your new good seeds, ensure you have no pollen around to contaminate the flowers later
    I've had a look for gold leaf nothing in that name is current, but their are lot of names with gold

    good luck
  3. Never heard of "gold leaf".

    You sure its a herm?

  4. Gold Leaf is a cultivar developed by the guy who owns the ILGM seed site.
    I will try to add a couple of pics.

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  5. The previous pics were on the indoor plants that are currently growing. Here's a pic of the Gold Leaf outdoor hermie. There were two plants Outdoors that I grew, both of them from seed and both of them hermied. I have not found any seeds in any of the buds yet though. Yield was good at 41 Oz of Bud and potency is also good despite having to chop them a little earlier than I wanted because I started seeing some bud rot. I think the fact that they hermied caused them to be more prone to Bud rot. From the appearance of the male parts, they seem to be more prone to rot than female parts.

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