Hermie? end of flower

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  1. Hey growers. I was taking a close look at my buds today to see if they are near harvest, and I think I saw a hermie. This picture here is only of one bud, idk if the rest are affected on that plant. I couldnt tell if it was bunch of white hairs that looked like a hermie or an actual hermie on a few bud sites. I dont recall any stress that could have led to this. Any input is appreciated along with how to deal with hermies. Thanks alot guys
    BCFF52C2-46BC-46C4-A35D-568D6E249FE5.jpeg 9A43DBF6-D2AA-4079-BE1A-5A2FA0128BD7.jpeg
  2. Yeah, you got a nanner. Not unusual late in flower. :)
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  3. Ed Rosenthal says that almost every strain does this towards the end of flower.

    Ed Rosenthal

    Plan of action - tweezers, remove.
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  4. Yikes. That sucks. So I just grab it with a tweezer and pull it right off?
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    You can rem8ve it but othing wrong with keeping them if they have time to develop mature seed. . Rodelization is totally normal and a great way to obtain fem seed. I purposely let plants flower long enough on occasion to get seed and save genetics. Thia late in flower it's not going to hurt potency or yeild. Regardless to if you pull them or try and obtain seed it's nothing to worry about at all. Rodelization is an old technique to gain seed. Most people today looking to grow fem seeds will spray their plants with a dangerous chemical like colodial silver in order to force the plant to hermie and produce seed.
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  6. I decided to remove it..I tried, but I wasn’t able to pull the whole thing off, but I damaged it, so I don’t think it will grow nor pollinate. I don’t think it’ll be a problem now. Correct me if I’m wrong tho pls
  7. It wasn't a problem to begin with......you'll be fine
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