Hermie bananas? Need help!!

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    Will take more photos tomorrow but u think I've came across some bananas on both my super lemon haze clones, I'm not 100% sure as I've never seen bananas, I've had 1 of my plants turn hermie but it only had a few sacs and I just picked them off and there was no seed at all in the whole room, I have 6 other plants in the room, so I moved them out of the room and now I don't know what the fuck to do with them I don't even know if they're 100% hermie, I know it's a shit photo, I'll try get some better pics tomorrow

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  2. Close up

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  3. So there that's the only plant there on? Can you take pictures of other ones. Take them off with tweezers. How Long have they been in Bloom?

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  4. I had a good look today and they defiantly have naners, i have a room with various strains, I had 2 super lemon haze seeds from greenhouse seeds and I've ran them 3 years with no hermies or seed at all, but this time they have been exposed to mega cold nights, I need to get it sorted, but the rest aren't doing too bad, they are currently between in week 4-5 I'll have to check lol

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  5. I am a relatively new grower but here is some information I have found: some plants are true hermies, they are both sexes from the beginning, some female plants, particularly from bag seed in my very limited experience can produce a few nanners in an attempt to self polinate later in flower. You can remove the plants but if its just a few nanners and ur willing to take the risk to save her u can pick the nanners of with tweezers. I am having the same problem myself right now, already have a few seeds, tho not too many, I found only a handful of nanners so i picked them off. hope this helps good luck.
  6. My plants went thru a move but I think it could have been caused by heat stress
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    But from what I heard Greenhouse seeds is a Good seed bank. the say bag seeds are more often to Hermie. I think it's the genetics cause most don't get nanners that Soon in bloom. your plant looks a dark green unless it's the picture? I would lay off the nitrogen and give plain tap water with so run-off. What's mega cold? What's your temperatures and humidity during lights off and lights on?

    Here's a link scroll down to nanners.Male Plants, Hermies & Bananas | Grow Weed Easy

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  8. Yeah lucky I've taken clones, hopefully it's stress related as I haven't seen it in this strain before, yeah this strain has a bit of bite burn, I'm only running 40ml of canna coco a + b, 10ml of calmag and 10ml of heavyweight, but all the others seem to be doing fine, I'll put up some picks of the other girls soon, been trying to re arrange the canopy for the loss of the two slh hermies, I currently don't even have a temperature or humidity gauge, but I live in Tasmania and it gets really cold of a night, I wouldn't be supposed if it gets in the subzero some mornings, and I use dehumidifiers to keep the humidity really low, bext crop I'm going to be running an oil based heater, and an aquarium heater for the reaiviour and I will be running my lights of a night to help with temps in the winter, but none the less I still get good results in the cold climate, not sure if it's the genetics but they end out stacking up, although flowering is prolonged I don't seem to loose much yield, here is a pic of a pineapple chunk plant from my last crop where I had the same issue, in a 3 gallon pot, rootbound as fuck, cold as fuck and still loving life

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  9. The fruit punch from a sog in cold temps and low humidity

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  10. I am i melbourne, I run my light without a hood and keep the humidity low. My grow tent temps are fine, but a light with no hood radiates a shit load of heat to the canopy, I think if ur humity is too low and u have been trying to keep the room warm it could actually b heat stress causing ur plants to herm. u NEED a guage man they r cheep off ebay
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  11. They are nanners. The outside of the nanners has the pollon that produces seeds. Once it shows theres pretty much pollon there. But pluck them and youll be okay might get a seed or.two but if they stop you wont find anymore

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