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  1. ok i think i found a single small ball on my plant its the only one
    can anyone say for sure if it is or not or do i need to wait

    wish i could neuter it lol

  2. on a herm. you will find both balls and pistils
  3. is that a ball?

    theres definate girl parts with whitr hairs
  4. Looks like a seed pod not a hermie. These show up in flowering
  5. oh you just filled me with hope for this plant just been siting here bit bummed out
  6. That looks straight up male to me

  7. You mean a calyx. That is not a calyx. The calyx is a female flower or preflowers that gets fatter and fatter as flowering goes on. That's a male flower. Look at the top four nodes down there should be more if there's one that developed. That's not a calyx though
  8. That def looks like a male flower, not a hermie.
  9. theres female pree flowers all over it

    it was also a feminised seed
  10. got another pic?
  11. of the female flowers cause thats the only ball
  12. ahh got ya, well keep a close eye on it, maybe it is a hermi, ive gotten plenty of hermis from fem seeds.
  13. whats the best thing to do with it if its hermi ill get a pic of whatbi think os female
  14. if it's your only plant, then let it finish. there are ways to reduce seed growth. if not cut it down, it will likely pollinate more of your crop
  15. Well if its a hermi and your growing other plants id get rid of it, unless you want seeds. Keep an eye on that pod , you can prob snip it off but if theres one there will be more.
  16. heres the pics of the plant





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  17. gonna wait this one out
  18. Funny , they all quit responding they knew it was male only till you posted the updated ones , then they shut up...anyways man what happened did it come out hermi or what.....?

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