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  1. Since ive been introduced to this site ive been doing a lot of reading. I read that a seeds sex is either going to be a male or female from the start... how can the light cycle change it to a herm?? ( Just going by wht i have read from here)
  2. heres the thing... if ur growing from seed its a complete gamble on the sex of the plant. The plant will start to show u sex abt 1 1/2 - 2 weeks after u flip to 12/12. the plants will start showing their male/female signs at this point. Plants will also show preflowers or seed pods (male plants) if u veg for 50-60 days. Lighting has nothing to do with changing the sex of the plant. u need a constant schedule of 24/7 or more preferred 18/6 for veg uninterrupted and 12/12 for flower. breaking this light cycle can and most times results in plants becoming hermi.
  3. So i really gota stay on with my light schedule or it will be no good.. whats the bad thing about male and hermis you cant smoke em??
  4. They make pollen, which will impregnate your females, who will then produce seeds instead of buds.
  5. yes light schedule is very important. u can pick up light timers at home depot for like 10 bucks tthat way u dont have to worry. and seal ur room up. light leaks stress ur ladies too. and male plants have no real value outside the breeding of plants. the buds from a male plant contain hundreds and hundreds of seeds and u would need a seprate room for the male plants completely secluded from ur females becuz they can be pollinated thru airborne pollination. this is the reason ppl cut out the males and hermi's. becuz if u dnt catch them ur whole grow will be filled with seeded herb.
  6. What the above said...and basically you want female seeds. Females contain the most THC. You can buy feminized seeds 99% chance there be female everytime. Easy.
  7. Its a good thing finding out as much as you can before starting that way you have a head up :cool:


    Male plants will produce pollen sacks which will fertalise your female plants (you dont want this unless you want seeds, not buds)

    Female plants will produce buds, pretty straight forward

    And if a plant hermies during flower, it will stop putting its energy into flower and will instead concentrate its energy into creating seeds. You can still however smoke the bus that formed (if any) but will be no where near as potent or dense as a sensimelia (female):hello:
  8. Aiight thanks everyone

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