Hermi or not Hermi... Please Help!!!

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  1. I'm eight days into flowering this plant. Before I had put it on 12/12 (8 days ago) I started to have second thoughts about these little pods toward the bottom of the plant. Years ago when I read Ed Rosenthal's "Growers Hand Book" he had mentioned something about nodes that look like seed pods...but eventually pistols begin to come out of the end of the pods which are actually new flowers. I have two plants, both different strains. My other plant (which has been flowering for about a month) did not do this...so I don't know if it's the pre-flowers that Rosenthal was talking about or if it's a hermi. I want to get some feed back before I just go cutting the unknown pods off. Please help!!!

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  2. your all good man,,ive had plenty of females do that...

    they'll get super fat,then shrivle up..
  3. Cool... Thanks. It's my first true experience growing so I was super sceptical. Thanks again
  4. those are were the pistols come out not the pollen ball things its all good
  5. Is the main stem and branches on that plant purple? Ive see purple nuggets but not the meristem bwfore what strain is that?

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