hermi 7 weeks into flower

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by badness, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. i have a plant in it's seventh week of flower still got 4 weeks to go. i have been noticing that the buds are looking different lately with some 'bananna' like looking yellow leaves coming out of the bud in a few places. i took some of the bud apart and found little tiny looking seeds (i think) or something wraped in leaves. i am assuming that it has hermied out, my question is do i initiate final flushing and cut it down in a week or just let it finish at this point? never had this problem so unsure what to do. wait it out and let seeds get bigger and bud get better or cut it down early so seeds stay small. i guess since the seeds have already started might as well let them get bigger so they are easier to pick out cause right now they are way too small to pick out. i don't know i really could use some advice from someone that has gone thru this. i am soo disapointed right now!!
  2. I think you probably have a light poisoned hermie, which means that light somehow reached the plant during the dark cycle and caused it to hermie. I would just let it grow out and complete, if it is in with others, it is probably already too late due to being 7 weeks in. Just let it grow out and allow the seeds to mature.

    Is this from feminised seed? If it is not, you really want your seeds to mature b/c light stressed females will produce a very high percentage of female seed, in most cases they produce about a 3/5 ratio female to hermie. The first run of these seeds will have to beclosely monitored to keep hermies out, but with some work you can end up w/ some very fine females.

  3. yes you are right, there were a few times that i had to disrupt the light cycle, i didn't know that it would cause this but now i sure do. i never stop learning when it comes to this. my new grow tent for vegging isn't completely light tight even though it's made for growing. i have had to do lots of mods to it, hard to tell when it's good enough cause i don't think that it is any brighter than moonlight at night. anyway thanks for the reply.

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