Hermathatided plant or budding ? Help please

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  1. I'm not sure since this is my first time growing but half my plants haven't shown signs of sex in over 3 months.. this 1 is looking strange and I think it might be herming

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  2. which one?

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  3. Can you post some images? What light schedule are you using?

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    If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.
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  4. Hey thanks for responding! I though I uploaded pictures lol.. oops

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  5. Looks to me like pic #1 is a definite male, pic #2, not sure and pic #3 could be a female. Let's see if a few other folks chime in with their opinions.

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  6. That's all 1 plant...
    So it's hermed hermed you think..
    I took it out of the tent because I was worried.. I'm still concerned that its near my tent.. I'm thinking I should grow it indoors just to reap whatever thc on the plant and make BHO or Edibles.
    What do you think I should do with it?

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  7. The light schedule is consistent at around 14-16 hours
  8. I'm growing in a green house with lights in there also.. It gets really hot in there around 120 farenheight but it's circulated/watered well.. this plant definitely got burned by the lights a little because I didn't raise them up a little..
  9. looks like it's stressing into becoming a hermie but WAS genetically in the beginning a female....

    where did you find that 14 to 16 hours of light is good for what ? that's short of a Veg cycle which is 18 and too long for a a bud cycle which would be 12 12 ...if it's outside and it's from seed...then it will take nature's course DEPENDING on where your at...there are places near the equator like south Florida...where you never get enough for a seed plant to want to Veg...it's always closer to 12 12 ...só vegging is done artificially indoors then placed outside ..the first day outside automatically makes it day one of budding and you start from there...
    your plant looks confused....and from three info given in would say the odd lighting is a contributing factor, if not the whole reason.


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  10. I live in North California, they've been getting the artificial light for like about a month and a half.. before I wired my tent there was limited sunlight due to my fence & house, so I added the lights to keep the plant vegging longer. The sunrise is around 6 and my lights turn on at 7 and sunset is like 8 but my lights turn off around 9-10..
    I topped all of them about 2 weeks ago for the first time.. then they started growing a lot of shoots up touching the light and burning it..

    What would you do in my situation? I want to get as much THX off of it.. do you think it's still possible to grow decent medicine?
  11. I don't really see any tell tale signs that it has any female in it but definitely a male. Is that your only plant?
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  12. yeah I mean better pics up close would be better ..I thought I saw a calyx with a hair ...but when I looked again....it kinda does kinda doesn't look right ...definitely male flowers that look wide open OR a mutation....better pics needed...if it's 100% male then no you won't have quality medicine...it's it's Hermed then it's possible since the female side of it will produce thc...

    better pics up close and a bunch of them are needed though.


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    i also dont see any female parts. IMO that's a regular male plant.

    those hairy strands you see in pic 3 are not pistils but Stipules:
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  14. Only in California. Lol.

    Lighting up greenhouses at night. Saw a few guys doing this when I worked on the hill. Most of them were doing it at the end of the season on cloudy days or at harvest so they could keep working. It could be seen from miles away....luckily there was always some random gun fire to make a guy feel safe. Lol.

    If it were me, I'd just pull tarp and bang out two crops a season. Plus you won't have to wait in the gas line as often if you're not firing up lights.

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