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  1. i want to start to seeding my plants, but i only want feminized seeds by causing hermaphroditism. whats the easiest way to make a plant go hermi (gibberellic acid?), or is there a better way to get fem seed. ill be working with plants from both fem & reg seed. i got fem seed of: master kush (20), the church (10), & big bang (10). & reg seed of: nl #5 (7), big bud (6), white widow (9), cotton candy (10), & a bunch of those freebie seeds (20+), & a few 100 unsorted seeds that ive had for a few months that got misplaced, so not sure of strain, but all good genes. also going to be cross breeding these all w/ big bud to get higher yeilds.
  2. Interupt the light cycle when 12/12, and lots of light leeks :smoking:
  3. Use gibberlic acid on a few side shoots.
  4. Just mess with the light cycle, that will almost gaurentee you a hermie

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