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  1. Hi again...
    just to let you all know the progress..
    Yesterday after reading all your answer I've decided to cchop it off .. but I didnt so I've just cut all the branch with the pollen sacks and the branch were the buds had formed part male bell flowers... and the is back in the grow room AT12/12
    As said before (sorry that the picture is not clear) the plant as many v shape white air so I decide to have another go at it .
    By the way the chopping gave me some good tops that are now dring in the cabbet... I'll keep you posted ...
    THanks again...
  2. sounds good, you didnt mention the white hairs before, but if its got them, its definately not just a male. but you may not get much off it as it looks as though it is predominately male in gender.

    good luck.

    Take care.
  3. HI ....
    yes the thread is spread between indoor and general growing
    where many more picts are loaded...and many peolple posted differents idea... very confusing... we'll see in the next week or so if new buds wil grow and if more male shows.

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