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  1. I only had one plant to harvest before. I just found out about hermaphrodite and don't know exactly what it is but some knowledge of it. I just want to know the causes of how the plant may turn out this way.
  2. a Hermaphrodite plant, or hermie, short and simple is a plant of one sex that develops the sexual organs of the other
    cause's = STRESS ie all kinds.. and some say light leakage but most likely not idk for sure but i have had light leakage before and no hermie's so if you want to learn more thers plenty of info out there just google it
  3. Hermaphrodite-ism can also be genetic, If its just one plant i wouldnt worry all that much, its just the way it goes sometimes. Most people put it down to a problem with the lighting cycle, whether its leaks or w/e - make sure your light cycle is consistent and they get a good dark period each day to be safe :)
  4. Hermie-ism is a survival trait. If a plant doesn't get fertilized for too long, or it gets stressed, and it has the right genetics, it will pop a few "nanners" to self-fertilize and produce seeds.

    Some plants are purely female and won't hermie unless you hit them with chemicals. Others will hermie at the drop of a hat. :cool:

    I would not save the seeds for growing - but birds LOVE hemp seed! They love them so much that they will pick out hemp seed out of a mix of seeds. If a friend has a caged bird, give them to him. :)

    I guess I better tell you how to handle that seeded weed. Seeds explode when heated :eek: , and they taste lousy, so you don't want to smoke them! :(

    When you harvest, let your bud get super dry. Then grab that big wire mesh strainer and a plate or big bowl from the kitchen. Rub the pot through the strainer. Nicely flaked pot will fall through the strainer to the bowl, while the seeds and stems stay in the strainer.

    Then put your pot in a jar or baggie, and add a few drops of water to rehydrate and let it sit for a bit. Roll it up, and enjoy! :smoke:

    Granny :wave:

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