hermaphrodite seeds?!?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by VanikFTW420, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. So i have bag seeds and they came from some very seedy buds. Just wonderin if those plants are herms and if thats the case then will my seeds sprout herms?
  2. Chances are that plant was pollinated ,and the seeds should be good. If they're hermy seeds they prob won't crack

  3. Was the bag a bag of commercial herb or KB's? Do you know the grower? If so you should ask about the plant it came from. If not there is no way to prove it either way.

    There is always the chance they are but it could have just been a normal pollinated crop that someone was not careful with when growing. Maybe a male was in their room, maybe pollen came in the vent fan from outside his window. There really is no way to tell without more information.

    Basically if you want to use seeds and you are not sure it is your risk. I personally would find ones that you know to be what you want. This means no your provider or buy from a seed bank. A lot of people here recommend starting your first grows with bagseed. I do not agree personally. You can find what you want without spending a lot of money and why not start from the beginning doing it right. Of course that seed might have come from some great herb and be worth it that is your call alone. Good luck.

  4. Why do you think they won't crack? I have a ridiculous friend that can't seem to see the male flowers on plants. He always has Hermi seeds by the jar full. They all crack and grow just fine at a rate of about 75% Hermie plants in return.

    Do you know of some scientific reason you would get a very low germination rate?
  5. Just using deductive reasoning and personal experience . My 1st thought was, the care and maintenance required to grow good pot. You might not notice a few seeds way in the back (its happened to me )but doubtful you would allow your whole crop get infested.possible of course but unlikely. I know you get feminized seeds from stressed female plants,but they are chemically stressed not physically stressed. I've personally never had a hermy seed sprout after many many many attempts . I'm sure most will agree,if you will find one or two seeds per bag, it probably hermied.
  6. So three have tap roots. Yes i know the person but i see her once in a blue moon. I guess ill see in the weeks to come.
  7. Seeds you find in bud will not be males they might hermi but there somewhat feminized if they were produced through stress, so like 1 or 2 seeds in like 7 grams.
  8. just plant them and see what happens... if you dont want to risk it then dont try.. its that easy
  9. [quote name='"pinkbear"']just plant them and see what happens... if you dont want to risk it then dont try.. its that easy[/quote]

    Its not that i care for the risk. Its my first indoor. Im just concerned about the possible outcome. Id like to hope these all turn out to be fem. But this is the only time ill be doing things indoor cause of the weather.

    Im not concerned about pollen contamination, just the quality of the plants and its product. What can i say? I luv my budd
  10. 5 out of seven have sprouted so far woooo
  11. 6 sewn. One left to go. Ill give it 10 more days to crack a root.
  12. Hermie genetic seeds will most defineately sprout and grow at a high percentage rate. Sounds like you got a bad batch of seeds booboo.
  13. [quote name='"budlover1234"']Hermie genetic seeds will most defineately sprout and grow at a high percentage rate. Sounds like you got a bad batch of seeds booboo.[/quote]

    Thanks. We shall see though. Im keeping my fingers crossed and watch em closely. I wont know till i put it under 13. Ill keep ya posted with picks. Shoulda took some last night before i put them under the dirt. Lol ill show ya the last one if she cracks open.
  14. Hmmm.... In my last 3 crops I musta got 10-12 Seeds total:devious:. They came from some of the hard to reach buds.

    You have grown your own Bernie seeds ?
    Cause none of mine sprouted .

    They looked ripe seeds too not premature at all.
    Why wouldn't mine pop ? That would be awesome. I like seeds better than clones.

    I buy fem seeds all the time
    it would be great if I didn't have to
  15. I thought that when a plant turned hermaphrodite that it was only due to stress, and that there was no predisposition to it. I'm newish, so that may be wrong. On the other hand, if Cannabis plants turn hermaphrodite due to stress alone, then no, you don't have to worry about hermies giving rise to more hermies unless you aren't able to take good care of your plants.
  16. Like I said booboo, bad batch of seeds most likely. I have indeed grown hermie genetic seeds, and I think i got 3 hermies and 2 females. Hermie genetic seeds will either turn out female , or hermie. My best advice would be to go with femd seeds, def the way to go. If you find out your plants are hermie genetis the hard way, It's not to fun. And by the hard way I mean I had like 5 fat outdoor plants and almost all of the hermied on me, leaving me to far in the season so start new plants.
  17. My last grow I got about 6 seeds out a qp dry weight, I can definitely live with that. My clones died so if these seeds don't crack that strain will be lost forever.

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