Hermaphrodite Plant

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  1. Please help. I have a hermie plant and I want to flower it but should I even flower it?? It has a bunch of seeds growing on top and I took a pic but can't figure out how to upload pic :(
  2. I would grow it out save seeds smoke the bud if you want or make some goodies. But I def keep the seeds(some say it will be hermie seeds I donno how true that is)

    But seedy weed has been around for many years. Long as it turned hermie on its own and not with silver spray.
  3. Thanks for the response, it's my first grow
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  4. Yep. if you want let it mature you can harvest pollen store in freezer ect. If not toss start over. If any of them pods opened up scrrrruuuuubbbbb your room before you do another grow.
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  5. Thanks for replying, that's why I wanted to post the pic because I wasn't sure. At the bottom of the plant because it's pretty tall it never grew these pods until recently at the top but I will deff be getting rid of it since it is male. Thank you!
  6. Luckily I have been watching the plant everyday and I've been cutting off the sacs that were opening up but I'm just going to get rid of it, thanks for replying!
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