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    Welcome to my cartoon.
    I have a friend who is old like me, who has this guy running around in his head.
    The guy is Herman Porkinhand. King of canned pork.
    My friend has many short stories about Herman.
    The stories are so far out they will leave you wondering if it is true because no one could make up such crazy shit.
    The stories are many and they flow off his tonge so as to be fantasticly believable. Almost.
    Herman is a perverted butcher who is known for his canned sausage.
    The funny stories never stop.
    As Herman in the beginning was born with a siemese twin. The twin is brain dead and attached to his ass and Herman had to build a baby carriage to haul it around for many years. He finaly gets tired of this little brother hanging off his %^$^ and devises a plot to make it go away and up sausage production at the same time.
    Guys I am old and havent drawn in over 20 years.
    Here are a couple of pencil drawings and this new on I did with the puter. Color didnt stay like I had it. O well.
    Hermans stories will start soon.
    I promise the stories to come will have you laughin your ass off.
    The Porkinhand Motto is;
    If a bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush.
    Then a Porkinhand is worth 1 in the tush.


  2. Omg. What. The. Fuck.
  3. Interesting...
  4. Subscribed...I love a twisted sense of humor!:smoke:
  5. Oh boy, I am subscribed :smoke:
  6. Lovin it so far! :D
  7. hahhaha yes. just yes
  8. As you know Herman had a Simese twin when he was a kid.

    Here's Herman still tryin to figure out how to get his brother off his ass.

    Anybody want to color it? Add a background. Fix it up and post it back.

    I will be messing with backgrounds. But I just cant color worth a shit. I like bright pure colors. And nature just dont make um that way.

    This one isent done. just needed a break. Somebody fix it!

    Better later than never..... Jim

  9. What happened to you Herman? This cartoon had a very promising start...
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  10. Subscribed! I'm interested in where this will go. Your drawings are superb.

    I also can't read dates....
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    Well yall been waiting long enough. I finaly got Herman on the phone.
    Fire it up and kick back.
              ^^^  The recording. ^^^   
  12. Not one comment? Yall must be stoned.

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