Herman Cain Says Medical Marijuana Regulation Should Be Left To The States

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by ocsurfer, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. Herman Cain politics is srs bsns.
  2. Herp better vote for em
  3. Didn't our current fearless leader say something like that?
  4. And Herman Cain has also flip flopped on every issue he's ever been asked about. It all depends on the kind of audience he's addressing.
  5. dont they all say that BEFORE they are in any position of power? :laughing:
  6. I love bullshit flavored Kool-aid !

  7. It's all about the contest. Once they win the Office, the drudgery of actually making good on campaign promises is simply too much to bare. :rolleyes:

    I've always believed that leadership should be assigned as opposed to being contested for, but that's just a philosophical debate that has no relevance whatsoever in real life at the present.
  8. F Herman Cain. He sexually assaults women and flip flops on everything. He is trying to pull an Obama and get us blades to vote for him. Not gonna work Cain
  9. I would LOL if the election was between a black pussy and a black lunatic
  10. too late buddy nobody believes the shit you say.
  11. Awww thats cute.You can see how much influence Ron Paul has on him.Needless to say this is not a reason to vote for him AT ALL,even if he did stick by his word.Simlpy because he just has his own "Rick Perry Brain Fart" of his own when asked about Libya.. lol
  12. yeah ron paul is the first politician to make that claim :rolleyes:

    of course you paul supporters would have us believe he was the end all answer and the second coming of jesus so go figure.

  13. :rolleyes:

    Whos better? Clown...
  14. No bailouts, no drug wars, and no preemptive warfare.

    Nah, I'll stick with the ObombyaRomneyclusterfuck. They may endorse bailouts, drug war, and preemptive war, but that old guy is just too scary :rolleyes:
  15. Herman Cain is full of shit. And I mean, he's entirely made out of feces. From head to toe. Completely.
  16. Ron Paul set the bar higher.
  17. if he flat out says" ill legalize weed" ill be voting for him. He should stand up and say just that. "Vote for me ,Legalize weed."

    if not for that hes full of shit then.
  18. Just glad to see candidates chime in on this. Gary Johnson and Ron Paul both support reform but their position doesn't receive national recognition. Hopefully more candidates will come out on this issue. Also would love some cannabis related questions asked at the next CNN debate.
  19. what matters is that if he says it,,others have to respond,,,this could open it up to a debate subject,,and we need that

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