Herm? I cant tell.

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  1. The other ones I can forsure tell are females because white pistils. I've only ever seen 1 male so far in my life' so any pointers would help.

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  2. its not a hermie its a full blooded male ..mac,
    PS what made you think it was a hermie?
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  3. your display pic says it all. watch out this plant will fuck you right up your ass with its dicks
  4. It had the little green pistils I guess you'd call them next to it' and since its only 4 days into flower I was like maybe just taking a second to get white, as again only ever seen one male, and last time I saw definite little balls without pistils forming nearby. I was just really unsure. Thanks so much for the info. Shall be chopped when I arrive home.
  5. the little green things you see are stipules ,,they are grow on both male and female plants ,,the female calyxes and male ball sac's grow right by them ,,,mac
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  6. KILL the male.
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  7. wow your very brutal to the male plant :(:rolleyes: only joking 'MickF' ...mac,
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