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Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by br0ken, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Some bud I picked up from Crossroads MMC yesterday called 'Herijuana' named after it's heroin-like couch lock effects said the staff :rolleyes:
    Let me know what yu think

    PEace :bongin:

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  2. What a cute little nugs.

    Looks good to smoke , enjoy!
  3. Thanks, sorry for the bad pics, iphones suck
  4. You need to focus the picture on the nug man. Move the phone as close as possible to it without the picture being blurry. Then tap the nug on the screen and it should focus the picture and it should look good. Also, make sure you use some more light otherwise the trichs don't really show up as much. And try not to shake or move your hands at all. Hold the phone as still as possible otherwise you'll get blurry pictures.

    Take a lot of pictures. It helps a lot. Then you can pick the best ones... Once you have some pictures you like, tap the edit button and tap the sqaure in the bottom right corner. This is the cropping tool. Crop your picture. You can go to options and turn HDR on too. This will take much higher quality pictures. That's how you do it! :bongin:
  5. lol the dispensary told you ur meds have similar effects to heroin? that's a little fucked

  6. hahaha I know, right?

    I find it a little hard to believe too

  7. my thought also lol but either way still looks like some dank! what smell did it have?
  8. Herion doesn't give you a couch-lock effect.
  9. yes it does...

  10. ...... you're joking right

  11. Yeah I know, I just had arm surgery so its kinda hard to take pic while holding bud steady to focus in the right light (my car) lol. I'll try editing some later on today hopefully. These nugs were particularly small too, that didnt help ha

  12. not similar effects lol idk how they said it exactly but it was something along the lines of its called herijuana because its so strong of an indica that it couchlocks you like heroin haha
  13. strong indica nuggets, yummy..

    gotta try this strain soon as a indica lover

  14. I was thinking this when i read the post. Why would a place for medical purposes want to name anything after heroin? lol

  15. It's named after the effects of heroin. If heroin were legalized, and I were to get some very pure heroin (Not saying that i'd do heroin, just giving an example), if i were to make it into a tea, and do heroin every morning, ten years later, the only two negative effects it would have on my body is constipation and addiction. If it were legalized, it would be cheaper so people could balance their heroin habit similar to how people balance a nicotine habit.

    The reason why it is "dangerous" right now is because scumbag dealers cut it with nasty shit, and because it is expensive, so people who become addicted cannot afford their habit and afford to live a normal life, so they turn into the scrawny junkies that you see.

    PS: I've never done heroin, nor do I intend to, but honestly, if it were to be legalized and regulated, it would be less harmful than tobacco, and probably less harmful than smoked marijuana(emphasis on smoked), provided you took the heroin in tea form.
  16. that shit looks good.

  17. I agree with almost everything you said until your emphasis on smoked marijuana...the smoke is non carcinogenic and its not addicting there's not a chance in hell heroin would be safer. Also FYI like weed was once legal and used heroin once was used as a pain killer, my grandmother had heroin after each of her 6 children were born, in the hospital.

  18. The reason why I say it's safer than smoked marijuana is because no matter what you smoke, it's going to be bad for your lungs. You could smoke a dried up apple, and your lungs would be negatively effected. When the heroin is being taken into your body through your digestive tract, it's not going to do any damage. Where as smoking pot, even though it's much safer than smoking tobacco, is still not good for your lungs. Of course, the addictivness of the heroin is a problem.

    Think of it like this: What's healthier? Smoked marijuana or a pot brownie? The brownie is healthier because it doesn't damage your lungs. Kinda the same thing with heroin, only difference is obviously it's heroin and not pot in the edible/tea.

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