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Heres why your firecrackers arent working

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by narcoticrex, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. #1 narcoticrex, Apr 23, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 23, 2010
    Go buy a candy thermometer. It will show you your temperature probably isnt hot enough to be releasing the thc into the fat.

    I had previously (successfully) made some consumables, but when trying to make firecrackers i have been failing recently. Following the recipe here, after 22 mintes, the inside of my firecracker was about 155 degrees, not enough to release the chemicals.

    i found that i needed to raise my oven temp to 450 to get the internals of my firecracker to ~200 F.

    if you want to cook, you need the tools!
  2. It's not really a matter of it being 'released' as much as it is the decarboxylation. Most of the THC in weed is in the acid form. Heating, be it through cooking, smoking, or vaping, causes a carboxyl group (COOH) to be removed, creating delta-9 THC, the stuff we know and love :)

    That aside, you're correct. Using the proper temperature is key to any edible, whether it's something as crude as a firecracker or as elegant as a cannabis-cheese souflee.

  3. This is interesting info, thanks. So then, why is the fat needed? I was under the impression that THC was "released" from the green organic shell and then bonded to the fat, which is why both heat and fat are needed. If it were a pure decarboxylation, where just a chemical change occured, it wouldnt need to bond to anything right? Not being a smartass, actually scientifically curious :) cheers, thanks in advance for any more info or a good source of info i should check out. :smoking:
  4. thanks for info op. and about the cooh osg

    my firecrackers havent worked before...

    ive quit wasting my weed on edibles. the amount i put in a edible for a high according to many is longer and better then smoking!.. can last in my vape for days.

    i aint no grower/rich man who is gonna throw out money on something i am unsure will even work, when i know i can get a 100% great high every time via the lungs:D
  5. O shit no way man thank you i knew something was up i figured out mine was lower so i highered it to 350 Guess who is making firecrackers tomorrow
  6. quoted for truth my brotha
  7. osg i thought you retired from the city?

    glad to see you back, chief!:cool:
  8. Cannabinoids are soluble in fats and alcohols. It helps make it more bioavailable, meaning more easily absorbed in the digestive system.
  9. Also helps to capture and regulate the THC, trapping it helps keep it from vaping.
  10. So for baking, what is the optimal time/temp? In the capsules thread, it says to basically seep the herb for up to 4 hours at around 220. Is 220 the magic number for cooking? I know when vaping I keep it between 180-190.
  11. 220F is the ideal decarboxylation temperature of THC-A.

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