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    Okay, so I want to grow stealth, in a very small area.

    Here's my restrictions. A 3x3x3 area(sort of like a box, but not really) that I can venilate, and use properly. Intake/outake fans, and lights(depending on what I chose):

    I'm considering buying a aerogarden. I would like to grow some at least decent quality bud, and I'm hearing mixed reviews about these things.

    If I were the buy the aerogarden, I would buy the 200 pro version of it, as well as the arm extension, a pump/stone(to circulate the water), better nutes, and whatever else it is that I would need to grow with it. I'm only looking to grow for personal use, no sale. Maybe 1-2 ounces yield every grow. 1-3 plants is what I'm figuring. I realize with this aerogarden I would not get any HUGE yeild, but I'm not a HUGE smoker. I do, however.. love to smoke when I can ;]

    My alternative to the aerogarden is a 400w hps setup. I don't know if I have the amount of room necissary for that kind of grow though. I've never actually seen this setup, so I have no idea exactly how big this lamp is or whatever else lol. Would a 400w fit in my space restriction? As well as 1-3 plants? If I can only do 1... I really don't mind. Again.. personal use. I'd build bubble buckets... but I do not think they would fit at all in the space given, lol. I don't know what to do with my 3x3x3 space. I guess I could expand it to mabye 4x4x4 if necissary. Would rather not though.

    Any advice? Would an aerogarden pro 200 suit my needs? I think it'd be fairly dumbass free to use it. Might be a bit more high matinence, as it isn't specifically made for growing marijuana, but I don't mind. Or should I go with the 400w hps setup? I dont know =/

    I'm thinking a small plant, like the ak-47/lowryder#2. Or just lowryder#2. Whatever will work. I'm not picky. I just want to grow some of my own. I would like to grow quality, but if it comes down to it, I'll grow whatever. I'll just buy off a dealer for the goods =P

    Long post, but any help is appreciated. I've done plenty of research, just can't seem to put 2 and 2 together some times and would like some help.


    EDIT: Should I do a CFL grow considering I have a small space restriction? Never even thought about this.
  2. don't waste your time on a an aerogarden. they are not suitable for growing weed. it's technically possible to accomplish such a feat, but you won't get very much bud at all. Since you only have 3ft of vertical space you'll probably have to get a lowryder and LST it.
  3. Sorry, but what does LST stand for? I also said I didn't really need ALOT of bud. I'm not a HUGE stoner ;] Just a smoker.
  4. LST is low stress training. there is a sticky on it. Also I would reccomend choosing a different system such as SWC (shallow water culture) or something like that.
  5. Alright. So, considering I'm looking for stealth, budget, and whatever I can get in terms of yeild, should I go with SWC and CFL? That actually seems doable to me. SWC, I'm assuming, does not take much space? As well as CFL?

    I'm essentially looking for something fairly easy and cheap... but I'm not looking to half-ass it. I'm lookin' to do the best I can within my budget/space.

    My budget being about 200-250, and my space is adjustable as of right now, but I'm trying to keep it minimal.
  6. HID lighting doesn't take up much space?
  7. A 150 watt hps cool tube will take up the same of less than a 200watt cfl
  8. most likely about the same as a bunch of cfl's
  9. Hmm, given a 4x4x4 space, what would most of you guys do? What equipment would you guys use?
  10. id scrog a couple of plants

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