Heres the situation (56k, hell nah)

Discussion in 'General' started by Vicious, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. I realized that I don't get high anymore, I get a buzz for 30 minutes then it goes away. I usually try to conserve though. With school starting monday I wanted to get good high one last time and take a week tolerance break maybe, dont see that happening though. Maybe I just want to get stoned, anyways heres;

    The scene

    The bud
    Not my best but I won't complain.

    What I have left.
  2. Looks like fun, I took a break not to long ago and ill say its def worth it :p
  3. have fun with that blunt...last blunt i had my buddy ripped it while rolling it. i was dissapointed, but we smoked bowls outta my bubb so it was all good:p
  4. i havent smoked a blunt of dank in a long time, im too cheap

    nice look bud tho dude
  5. Did you only put one of those bowls/nugletts in the blunt? How did you do that?.. your like jesus[the one in the fairy tale(aka bible)] but with weed. Nice fuckin blunt either way!

  6. have fun with the blunt my good man, as for myself, I'll be filling up my bong tonight for one last good high before I ship off :hello: Tell us how it went maybe!
  7. if you want to get high, i suggest smoking that blunt and whatevers left to the face.
  8. It got me. Every hit took me to a different level. Real heavy high and was a harsh smoke, it tore me apart. I'll take pics of my other little nug when i smoke it.

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