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Heres The Reaction From Mom [Need Help]

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Portuguese, May 19, 2013.

  1. Hey guys
    I'm 18 but i live under my mom house. ;)
    Today I left my seedling that i obtained saturday, sitting on the balcony.
    On the afternoon she found it, and when i got home the discussion start.
    My arguments:
    It's better than tobacco( my mom smokes tobacco), i just do it rarely, my grades are fine and i smoke it for several months,
    i'm responsable
    I tried to show her some documentaries, i ask why did she think weed is a bad thing, ( she didn't know how to answer, because the media label weed as a illegal drug, and if is illegal my mom automatically says that i can't)
    Her arguments:
    She didn't care, she refused to see documentaries
    she even said that don't wanna dream that i smoke weed, ( she said this after i confess, so i didn't get it :confused: )
    My mom is the type of mom, who just screams, who don't wanna know the topic before judge it, a bad mom.
    I thinked about living papers on the bed, but im problably sure she wouldn't read them.
    I feel good for confessed, but pissed off because she didn't understood and don't wanna understand
    Help me convice her 

  2. Suck it up, move out. Her house, her rules.
  3. My mother was the same way! I waited until I was 19 as well, and even with the fact that I was obtaining an eduction, working a solid job, and relatively responsible...Still no hope. Sometimes, people's minds have been so twisted that they are just set as they are.
  4. Why did you no find a better spot for your seedling. Growing is a much bigger dealer than smoking, especially if you are not doing it legally under your own roof.
  5. You brought an illegal substance into her house. I'm 25 and I think my mom would whoop my ass if I came home to visit and had drugs in my bag. As stated her house her rules you won't make any progress until you are living on your own. 
  6. Nice troll...
    800 posts...
    sad to see it happen like that.
  7. [​IMG]
  8. That first part concerns me
  9. My mom thinks she knows everything, when she really doesn't. She smokes like 4 ciggies a day, and says weed is way worse. I tried showing her documentrys like you did, but she still didn't believe them. She is the kind of person who won't believe anything, unless she thinks it.
  10. #10 Milk Duds, May 21, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: May 21, 2013
    "I thinked"

    You sure you are 18?

    And you kids need to get off the "show them the union!!!" thing... makes it sound like you have no opinion of your own to voice.
  11. Well, I guess you're fucked. You can keep (respectfully) trying to educate her, but she sounds stubborn. Best thing you can do is smoke outside, away from her property, and avoid bringing drugs into her house.
  12. Growing a plant would get HER in a bunch of trouble, well and you, but it's her house.

    And your not gonna be able to grow a plant on a window sill. Also try just telling her your not gonna try growing anymore, maybe that's why she was mostly pissed about.
  13. Don't give up on trying to educate her.  If she thinks weed is as bad as crack and meth, then of course she's going to be emotionally motivated and worried about her son.  I don't know her, but maybe she'll calm down after a few days/week and be willing to try and understand where you're coming from. 
    Also, if you were unable to hide the seedling how were you planning on hiding the full-fledged smelly-ass plant?

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