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Discussion in 'General' started by RMJL, Apr 11, 2003.

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  1. First of all, when a member has been banned from the City they will show up in threads as if they are on an ignore list.

    Secondly, a member never gets banned out of the blue or for no reason, unless they are here for the act of spamming. A member gets multiple warnings, sometimes more than they deserve, so that they may have a chance to change whatever they are doing. A member who gets these warnings completely understands that they are on thin ice so if they continue with their behavior then their banishment from the City is on them and them alone.

    We have a total of 20 moderators who moderate the board and issue warnings. They are all people who have shown dedication to the City and truly care about it and the members. Banishments are not made out of haste nor are they based on anything personal. The decision to banish a member is done solely for the well-being of the City, which in essence means that it is done for you, the Blades of the City.

    This should make everything clear to those who continue to have questions about this matter.
  2. i hear ya RMJL, thanks..and keep up the good work!:) [​IMG]
  3. okay, I know that people dont like to talk about things like this...

    Why did AK47 stien get banned?
  4. You\'re right we don\'t like talking about it.

    Well, the SuperMods have the final say on who gets banned...first ak47 was sent a warning about his behavior, and it didn\'t seem to change his attitude, so therefore he got banned. Sometimes it has to be done or else things tend to get out of control and we like to keep things running smoothly for the best interest of the \'city as a whole..and I sure don\'t want to see this place turn into another yahooka.
    -Nuff Said

  5. Ditto

  6. DITTO^^
  7. oooohhhh ok ^_^
  8. ahhhhhhhhhhh, makes sense. i was confused about ak47, i thought the city was broked :)

    <hides in a corner like a good little boy>
  9. hmmmm that was weird... i said this

    \"hides in a corner like a good little boy\"

    but it didnt get printed...

  10. hmmm...

    ak stein has left the building huh?

    first i heard of it.

    i know the guy was an ass most of the time, but bizarly i somehow enjoyed hearing his bs.

    well... i\'m glad we\'re stearing clear of the path of destruction... (the path of yahooka)
  11. yeah. big cheers for the members of this board, and it\'s moderators for keeping the level of \"cozyness\" up. what i like especially is that we can here have serious discussions without it resulting in flames or dorkwads starting the namecalling game.

    oh, and you can swear also. hell yeah, that\'s liberating. i\'m also on some other boards (not MJ related) where even the word \"shit\" get censored. prissy little salamislapping slackbladder uptight two-faced farts. ah, that was good :)
  12. I left yahooka because of the people. This place seems like a nicer better place for me.

  13. Alot of us are old Yahookans!
  14. yep yep rmjl!
    I trust your judgement on most anythin, I kno ur fair, and would rather not ban someone enless its a must

    ak47stein, dunno bout him, but sure ya had ur reasons :)

  15. I dont think lonerstoner meant anything by that to you guys...there was a lot of crap on those boards. Im sure the few that have found the city, were the only ones at yahooka that were decent anyway
  16. Let me splain Sensi.. lol

    I meant alot of old yahookans are here for the same reason that lonerstoner is here.

    I hope you know now what I meant! LOL

    Your such a sweet heart.. I guess thats why we all love you so muchh!
  17. did u guys make stargazer leave cause the nakey picture.
  18. to me!


    P.S. why can\'t life in the real city be like life in grass city?

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