Here's the best sequence of events ever

Discussion in 'General' started by nisim777, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. Get really, really high!
    Have sex!!!
    Go pee!!!!!!!!
  2. I prefer fucking then smoke then sleep then wake up to a nice smoke and get a bj....that is the best right there...
  3. OP that sounds pretty good right about now lol

    +rep for hitting it spot on
  4. It's always good to pee after sex.
    So, I approve. [​IMG]
  5. Thanks, Brahma!
  6. lmao im so baked i forgot to rep you
  7. Here it is for me
    Have a small drink.
    Fuck her rotten
    Tell her to gtfo
    Spark bowl
    Eat food
    Boo bop boo beep beep bop boo
  8. what is this? i dont even...
  9. you forgot food... wtf man come on
  10. He's making dubstep.

  11. He's clearly one of the first terminators
  12. Fucking gnarly thread..... just totally fucking INTENSE!!
  13. i think that was suppose to be an "end of a cartoon" jingle.
  14. Jeffdankity had a meltdown
  15. lol my girls ok with me smoking but wont do it and she said she doesnt wanna see me do it. so here we go.
    1 get high 2 sex 3 shower and sex 4 smoke again 5 eat some food 6 sex on the kitchen table 7 go at it again in bed 8 more food 9 cuddle and go to bed. maybe sex one more time just for good measure.
    XD. and i didnt even come up with that! my gf came up with it minus the being high part.
  16. i totally must f had a melt down!!!!!! shes gotta make the sandwich before she has to leave
  17. Tried to write something better but that is pretty accurate haha
  18. throw a peanut butter and jelly sandwich somewhere in that sequence

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