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Here's something new... Favourite Stoner Movie!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bluntface, Jan 15, 2003.

  1. Yah i was just wondering wat your favourite stoner movies are... mine are....

    NONONONO... I'M JOKING. I think every second day or so sumone posts up the good old stoner movie thread. I crack up every time i see it because i'm so sick of reading a list of movies that hits every movie ever made. But i still read them and post too.

    no offense to those who have started "stoner movie" threads.(prolly everyone here!)... i'm just fucking around... bored (reading stoner movie posts)...

  2. I hear ya. There is alot of these posts, but then again not everyone here has been around for a long time.....
  3. once again i say cheech and chong up in smoke its hilarious
  4. nah man my favorite alright man lets talk about something else. fav stoner music, thats new too. lol ok i am sorry guys but i mean really.

    lets talk about skiing. do we have any hard-ass skiers here? let me know if there are because skiing is the best sport and best way to consume time.

  5. also outside providence is great
  6. i have always wantd to go skiing, i have done the liquid form of the sport that is pretty fun. but even more than that i want to snow board that just looks like a blast. where i am we don't get much snow and it only lasts a couple of days so i don't get the chance often.
  7. bud stuffer your sig about all the drugs is so cool. where is it from
  8. i snowboard a lot, its a lotta fun. i live in in the northeast us so we get some good snow every winter, plus im not a far drive from some pretty nice slopes.

    it's a lot harder than it looks though. first time i did it i had seen people on tv snowboarding all over and thought i could do it too. i fell every 30 seconds. i stuck with it and its tons of fun now though
  9. What ! u dont know where thats from! fear and loathing in las vegas, biggest fucked up drug movie there is
  10. swwet i am going over to someones house to see that this weekend.
  11. yo sublimer, where in the northeast are you from? i just got back from stowe vt and sugarbush. it was great skiing and we got at least 2 feet of snow in less than 3 days.
  12. dude, this message board is for talking about weed...not favorite stoner movie is How High
  13. i live in Canada guys.... i pop outa my igloo and ski to school everyday! Lazy ass huskies never wanna pull my sled.
  14. for like, a newbie intermediate snowboarder, is it safe to toke up before boarding?
  15. yea just dont hit a tree
  16. hey ya know what hazeraze? fuck you in the ass ok. fuck you man. i can talk about whatever the hell i wanna talk about. talking about skiing is perfectly fine and will do godammit!


  17. YES!

    it fucking rocks man
  18. one of my fav would have to be friday ,next friday has anyone seen friday after next,hasnt came out in australia yet but im shore gonna watch it wrecked ,i love drive ins
  19. hey supafly, i live in eastern pennsylvania which is only a short drive from the poconos, and only a few hours from great snowboarding in new york and vermont. vermont is crazy good for snowboarding, always some fresh snow
  20. also i would have to say half baked is like the classic of all stoner flicks

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