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  1. Wassup. This dude helped me sometime back by giving me this info. I saved it and thought I'd share with GC. Hope it helps you and your brotherhood. :smoke:

    Attraction is not a conscious choice for women or men. Women are attracted to how men behave and can leave because of that as well if men stop displaying the attractive traits and replace them with unattractive ones. Behaving in an attractive way is much more important than looks, fame, or money. Those things certainly help, but behaving attractively is more than enough. A lot of times, women don't exactly know what caused them to lose interest in an otherwise good relationship. Unattractive traits all include insecurity, the number 1 killer of attraction, and can manifest in many forms such as acting jealous, being controlling, "pedestaling," not valuing yourself, being approval-seeking, and being clingy.

    ---Acting Jealous
    "I feel threatened by other men, because deep down I don't view myself as worthy of you." It shows weakness on your part. These types of men ask where their women are all the time, get pissed when they talk to other men, or when she hangs out with other men. These men may make fun of her male friends to look "cool." You need to adopt the attitude "other men just make me look better."

    ---Being Controlling
    Men will often demand because he doesn't feel good enough for her and believes controlling her will make her stay; but the tighter he closes his fist, the further she slips away.

    Women want a man who values himself just as much as her. Putting her needs ahead of your own will destroy any relationship. Keep it equal and she will respect you.

    ---Approval Seeking
    Looking for approval on everything is insecure. Asking things like "Do you really like me?" "Do you think my penis is big?" "How good am I in bed?"

    ---Being Clingy
    Spending too much time together is not a good thing. Diamonds are valuable because they are rare.

    Traits of an attractive man are Leadership, Confidence, and Self-Assurance.
    Actively taking the lead and having a plan are extremely important. Women do not want the "power" in a relationship. They want the man to be the one holding all the cards. They want to be led by you, want you to take charge; Do not be controlling and continue to respect her thoughts and opinions. Listen to her and treat her as an equal, but always stay a step ahead.

    Be secure in yourself, don't be afraid to speak your mind. DO NOT be arrogant. Women can smell fake confidence a million miles away, so if you try to fake it, you'll continue to stay single forever.

    Women don't want doormats. Don't compromise your own values that's taken you your whole life to develop. Respect her opinions, choices, mannerisms, and by all means share them with one another, but don't try to "convert" to them.

    A man driven by purpose is almost irresistable. Men don't care about ambition that much in their women. But don't let your girl become your purpose, and don't allow your relationship to fall into a mundane routine. Mundane routine is the anti-purpose. A man who originally strived to "change the world" and later decided to only watch TV and play video games has become extremely unattractive. A purpose can be anything at all that gives you passion and excitement. Women don't want to be your purpose, even if they say they do. That results in instant attraction death. It's not their fault either, it's how they were programmed. They REALLY want to be with you as you ACHIEVE your purpose.

    Men are becoming more feminine, which is great for bonding and creating feelings of emotional comfort, but women are becoming more masculine. Women are genetically and biologically preprogrammed to mate with an ALPHA male. Accept this. If the woman takes the dominant role, she will begin to see you as unattractive, which isn't her fault. A woman who lets herself get fat when she wasn't at the beginning of the relationship then calls her boyfriend shallow isn't being fair. He's genetically preprogrammed to seek out a specific shape. An insecure man is a lot like a fat woman.

    If she knows she can have you whenever she wants, it will kill all sexual tension. But pushing her away completely can also kill it. Use a mix of wanting an not wanting her. Show interest, then disinterest.

    Women want to get back together with exes who move on faster than they do.

    Your appearance should always matter. "Letting yourself go" and then blaming your woman for being shallow is bullshit. You wouldn't go to work without bathing, so why can't you maintain your appearance for her? Think about how long women take to get ready for us (although it can be annoying). Reciprocate some of that time for her. Always have clean, trimmed nails. Buy a tongue scraper and use it. Keep in mind that big clothes make you look bigger. Pick a style that suits you and stick with it. Always remember that a leather jacket, black blazer, and jeans NEVER go out of style. Go to a tailor and get your correct measurements taken; write it down on a business card and keep it it'll come in handy. No unibrows, and consider trimming if your eyebrows are bushy. Getting a tan can do wonders. "Manscaping" is essential for nose and pubic hair. Match your belt and shoes, women will notice. Mix it up a bit; if you're normally dressy/formal, buy some casual clothes, and vice versa. The MOST important rule is don't ever brag about looking good. Make it seem effortless. Brush off compliments with a genuine "thank you" and move on. Men who aren't that physically attractive can make up for it by behaving like an ALPHA male. Looking good is more than sufficient for him. He doesn't have to be a stud to be successful.

    When it comes to women, don't EVER take what you can get. The higher your standards are, the easier it will be to get a woman. Women are attracted to men of high value, and men of high value have high standards. I want you to answer the following questions and keep those for your reference and eyes only:

    1-What are the important qualities you desire in a girlfriend?
    2-Why are those things important to you?
    3-What reservations do you have about entering a long term relationship? In other words, what are your fears?
    4-If someone wrote a list about you that fit their needs as a partner, what would they be? What would you bring to the table?
    5-What do you enjoy most in life?
    6-What do you most appreciate about yourself?
    You must know yourself before you attempt to trust your judgment to select a mate.

    Women want a man who knows EXACTLY wants he wants in a woman. High value men are selective, and those who aren't have no standards beyond "nice tits and ass." Opposites DO NOT attract. The reason women like "bad boys" is because every woman likes masculine men, there is no denying this. If you are to have any success, your relationship needs to be based on more than just physical attraction. Over time, her pretty face will fade, and even if you don't grow old together, you'll be desensitized to her beauty eventually. There truly has to be a strong friendship in place that will blossom when you're not being intimate.

    You and your woman need to share at least one common passion. Too many men jump into relationships with the first girl that shows an interest in them or the first woman who presents a challenge for them. Figure out what you have fun doing in life, and find a woman who shares as many of those passions as possible. This is important because you don't ever want to change who you are to fit into her reality.

    The deeper you progress into a relationship, the more significant "inner game" becomes. IG is your collective beliefs, convictions, attitudes, and how you view yourself as a person. It will affect your behavior and frame. If you genuinely view yourself as a prize and as a man of high value, you will naturally act in that way. Guys do and say things for women for 2 main reasons:
    1-To gain acceptance and approval
    This does nothing but show her you're trying to buy her affection. It is an act of needy desperation which will be obvious from miles away.
    2-Because they truly care...
    ...about the others in their lives and the act of giving makes them happy.

    Frame everything you do for her as a gift from you to her. Make sure you're doing the nice things because it makes you happy to see her happy. Never do something because you think she's losing interest or because you want her to care for you more. It will have the complete opposite effect.

    Fortunately for us men, transitioning into a long term relationship is very simple. Women are hard-wired to want a relationship with a man that gives her frequent, good sex. All you need to do is let her worry about the transition. Let her "pop the question." It'll be your job to ask her to marry you should that opportunity arise in the future. If she wants a relationship with you, she'll find a way to bring it up in conversation. If you want to make it after the transitional period, you need to behave in a very specific way directly after sex. This is not the time to roll over and go to sleep. The post-sex cuddle is very critical, as it will indicate whether or not you want to take the relationship to the next level. This is the time to be affectionate. Cuddle, laugh, have fun, talk, smile, caress her,go out and get food, whatever. This demonstrates you want a long term relationship, and women need to see this behavior to verify your intentions. Also, make sure you call her the day after you have sex.

    The key to long lasting attraction is for you to exhibit the traits of a masculine man which in turn will make her feel feminine. If the roles reverse, you'll end up being alone. The man needs to assume the role of a dominant leader and the woman a submissive follower. Don't force anything upon her, just fulfill the role of a mature, masculine man and she will automatically fall into her role. Now, this doesn't mean turn into an asshole. Masculinity is not equal to immaturity.

    Watch out for the following signs she's losing interest:

    Disqualifying herself
    "I don't know why you're with me, I'm so bad at relationships." "I'm so fat, you shouldn't even like me." When an otherwise high self esteem woman does this, she is trying to let you go without hurting your feelings

    Excessive flirting with other men. Just because she occasionally flirts doesn't mean you should feel threatened.

    Acting aloof
    She "forgets" the plans you had made together. She doesn't call you as much. She hangs out with "the girls" way too much.

    A woman will pretty much do anything for a man she is in love with. The less effort she is willing to invest, the less interested she is.

    No sex drive
    She's losing attraction for you.

    Monotone voice
    When her voice is "girly" she is in a state of intense attraction. When her voice is monotone, she is communicating boredom, a lack of respect, and attraction for you.
  2. About being jealous:

    Think of it like this, I see my girl talk to guys all the time who I'm friends with, give them a hug when they saw good bye, and it really doesn't bother me.
    Why? Because I'm the one she cuddles with, embraces, and gets down with.

    If you feel jealous because someone does this even in the slightest, think of what I just said.

  3. Yeah nice tip

  4. It's the truth haha, a lot of people in relationships get jealous because your partner has non-sexual contact with other people. But hey, no fucks given she is the one sucking your dick XD
  5. my ex use to get jealous when i would laugh, have fun, and hug other girls who i was cool with. its okay for her to hug other dudes and be friends with them but i cant do the same? ...bitch im fucking you, not them so chill out.

  6. That's some jealousy issues, but it depends how you hug the girls.
    IE when my girl hugs a guy its a hug, not an embrance liek she gives me.
    If you are embracing random girls, than yea that's understandable. But if it's just a regular hug + pat on the back than no harm done.

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