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Here's some $150/ounce Mexican schwag...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by jd4083, May 25, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]

    just wanted to throw that up there since I've seen a whole lot of posts lately by young'ns who don't know any better denouncing Mexican herb... :wave: it ain't all sticks and stems, folks :p
  2. Shit i'd pay 150/O for that
  3. That's not schwag? It's not like there's no good herb in Mexico, but the majority is mass produced bricked schwag that's grown and sold by the cartel.
  4. You're kidding right :D Looks like a nicely grown bud that was broken open.
  5. Yeah dude, that doesn't look that bad. Definitely worth 150/O.
  6. dude thats not mexican schwag!!!
  7. Uh, that was the entire point that the OP was trying to make here, since quite a few people seem to think that ALL weed coming from Mexico is brick-shit weed. Obviously, it ain't, and damn, it looks tasty.:cool:
  8. Hey now, I buy QPs of swag and find a single bud like that. just giving op shit.

    But Id rather smoke OPs bud than hate on it
  9. maybe this pic of the same mexican will ring a bell? look a little more like the brick-weed before it becomes brick-weed? :p

  10. Personally don't give a shit where it comes from I'd smoke that regardless, wish I could find anything like that for 150/O. Enjoy :smoke:
  11. No those all look local grown...the fluffiness and the way the hairs stick out indicate they havent been through a vac pack. This thread is confusing OP, I'm no fool to expect that one country produces ONLY shit weed.

    Hell most of the "popcorn" (A slang name in texas for bright green fluffy keefy small buds from mexico) that goes around texas smokes a million times better then beasters and its only $700 a pound or so in texas (avg brickweed costs 100-400 a pound down there).

    Be a little more clear about your posts next time, I've smoked some great brickweed in my day, but it's definitely usually all shit, i prefer my local organic grown.
  12. Tell all your mex homies to take care of their shit like that and thy'll start getting a better rep
  13. looks like a good bag seed grow from some bricked stress seeds. Grew some stuff similar to your pickup had lots of thc grew in foxfarms and outdoor it put the bag i got the seeds from to shame just shows that you dont have to good seeds just really depends on condition/environment ur growing in and soil are keyyy. but nice stress and price:smoke:
  14. Find a new dealer. That shit is the worst I've ever seen.... :rolleyes:
  15. Ewww schwag......:bolt:
  16. This should be part of Mexico's new tourism campaign, lol
    Seriously, looks great, just like if they were trying to advertise their Designer Clothing Malls or something.:hello:

    ::- VISIT MEXICO -:: Home
  17. I have my doubts. Looks better than any bud I've ever purchased. Don't even look like it has spent a day in a baggie. I'd smoke it, but wouldn't buy it.
  18. not sure what wasn't clear about my post :confused: that pot was grown in Oaxaca and is now here being consumed in the mountains of North Carolina. that clear enough for ya? Watch your step, wouldn't want to fall off of your soap box...

    without any offense intended, that is more of an indication of the quality of your herb than the integrity of my story :wave:

    Why would you smoke it but not buy it? Especially if it looks better than any bud you've ever purchased?

  19. + rep for brilliant response.

    Mexican Cartels smuggle hundreds of pounds across our borders into areas like SoCal,AZ,New Mexico, texas. Usually the mass exported weed that comes from these cartels are brick weed.

    Now that doesnt mean that all weed in mexico is bad, and this also doesnt mean that all weed smuggled in by the cartels is bad either.

    Brick weed is easy to export in mass, without having to worry about drastic loss of money if caught, and is profitable due to the legality of the drug in this country.

    The war on drugs is why cartels bring pounds of easily compressed profitable weed across the border.
  20. thats amazing man +rep!

    i want that lol

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