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Here's one for everyone who thinks they know the law!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by sidious, Oct 26, 2003.

  1. o.k. well i was thinking.....(yes it was i thought about companies who have a drug testing scheme as policy to catch drug users including weed smokers............then i thought, what would happen if you were away on holiday to Amsterdam, and smoked yourself silly.....(legally of course as it's in the Netherlands).....and then you get a drug test at work, and the weed shows up, as it was only 1 or 2 days after.............technically you haven't broke any laws!.......what would happen then?....surely they couldn't do anything to you!!!....Peace out........Sid
  2. shit, that happened to my mans dad (by man i mean dealer) after he was somwhere in canada.....but anyway he got fired.
  3. Yeah, they'd be like, you failed your drug test. Oh no sir, i was in amsterdam smoking up legally! annnnndddd... fired...
  4. Yeah, it's not a matter of law, it's a black and white issue of either you use drugs, or you don't.

  5. Dude, i'd like to know what job you got hired for by coming to their interview high...
  6. but i mean you'd have a good shout for a lawsuit against any company that fired you, and you could prove that you only smoked it in Amsterdam.......o.k. the thc may still be in your system, but if you had a doctor that could actually prove that the reduced amont of thc, does not have any effect after say a day or 2!......wonder how that one would go?......Peace out.......Sid

  7. yup, same here.

    I F****G AGREE 100%

    I am payed 8hours a day, 5 days a week, the rest'o the time is mine and mine only.
    (there is a limit though: some people have lives in their hands while working _pilots, surgeons ..._ and in those case, there are rules..)

    yes true so true.

    I worked very hard to obtain a net salary of 20000thousands francs i was somehow sure that the 20k barrier was the path to hapyness..

    oh boy was I wrong ...


    listen to the man, from my eperience he is right.
  8. my father allways said...."work to live.....don't live to work!" and i gess he's right.......Peace out........Sid

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