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  1. I live in an apartment but I do have space to have at least two plants. I have a decent knowledge on how to grow organically and I have a good book to assist me. However I don't really know the best set up for my particular case. Not trying to start a farm here, just wanna get a couple plants going for personal use. Any and all suggestions appreciated :p.


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    We're going to need more detail, or this is going to take a long time.  :laughing:
    You have room for two plants. How big?

    Are you planning on growing in a closet? Have you considered how difficult it's going to be for you to install a proper ventilation system?

    How much $ do you want to spend? Have you thought about a grow tent? What type of lights do you want to use?

    Setting up a proper indoor grow that produces quality herb is an investment. Providing sufficient lighting is the most expensive. Sure, you can grow herb with CFL's. I doubt you'd be happy with the results though...

    Have you looked through any of the threads in this forum?
    I think you'll find a lot of useful info there, as far as how to deal with growing in your particular living situation goes.

    Feel free to come back and hang out anytime though!  :wave:   Lots of knowledgeable peeps with good attitudes around here...
    Check out "The Lounge"...

  3. Waktoo hit it pretty square on the head. As an example, I'll say that when I decided I was tired of buying weed, or more exactly tired of finding it TO buy, last winter I gave myself a budget of about three ounces. Which at the going rate around here was about $1200. With that I finished out a space under some stairs, put in some ventilation and a 600W HID lamp and bought what I needed in terms of soil and amendments.

    I'm about to make my fourth harvest (did some short time autos) and have effectively recouped my investment about three times over. And that's not counting what I have going now which will be my biggest yet. (5 plants)
  4. Holy sh*t man, that's what a half pound goes for around here!!!!
  5. So you understand my frustration.

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  6. No...I don't.  That would be an amazing opportunity.
  7. Maybe one of us misunderstood. I'm saying it's about $400 an ounce here.
  8. Yeah man, I hear ya. I would jump for joy if it was 400 a zip. That's a damn good market for your product.
  9. I'm not selling. I was buying.

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  10. If I were you I'd setup a small 250w scrog

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