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Discussion in 'General' started by beny08, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. I have the munchies and im thinking of making something i never heard of befor, scambled eggs with cheese on top and take it out when the cheese is all melting.
  2. Kinda sounds like a frittata thing. My mate makes them when we're high all the time, you can put bacon and onion in it too, and you grill the cheese on the top so it's like a really thin quiche.
  3. sprinkle brown sugar all over bacon and oven cook it
    be sure to watch it shit burns easily
    bomb as fuck tho!
  4. isn't that just scrambled eggs?

    do people eat scrambled eggs without cheese?
  5. Damn the bacon with brown sugar sounds good
  6. you've never had scrambled eggs with cheese?
  7. this sounds very similar to an omelette hmmm

    ate one earlier was delish.
  8. Lol I make that all the time cheesy scrambled eggs are amazing, specially when hung over. Try adding bits of bacon and maybe hash-browns mixed in.
  9. :confused:

    I wasn't aware this was abnormal...

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