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    I have a 2'9'' x 2'9'' x 7' (7.56 sq ft) spare shower that I plan on growing in. I am going to grow in soil, and want to do a continuous harvest every 4 months or so. for now and then mabey get a hydro set up. I use the sink and toilet in there, but not the shower. There is also about a 2x3 area outside the shower that is going to be included in my enclosed grow room. I may use that area for clones. I am picking up a 400w MH ballast / bulb tonight.. and plan on getting a 360w HPS conversion bulb for flowering phase. I am obviously in the very beginning stages. The shower is white plastic witch I think will be adequate. Or should I line it with mylar? My main question is this: What strains would you recomend? My biggest concerns are yield, and odor. Highest yield, lowest odor. Again, I want to harvest every 4 months so theres 6 important factors that are going into what strain I should grow: First, I'm growing indoors. Second, I'm using 400w, third I want to harvest every 4 months. 4th, I am concerned with yield. 5th, I am growing in about 7 square feet. 6th, I am concerned about odor. I do plan on setting up an exhaust system, and mabey putting an air filter in there with a charcoal filter.

    One more question: What do you recomend I hang to close the shower with? I plan on securing it to the top and left side and using velcro on the right side.

    Also, I need to know what type of other bulb to use while growing my first plant untill i can put the MH bulb up to it. I've heard cfc or something?

    I think I'm going to do one plant to start out and see if it thrives, then apply that to my next grow doing 4 plants. Any input on the amount of plants I should grow in the alotted area and in what size pots would be great as well. Thank you so much if you have read this far, I really am a total newb but I do plan on getting my PHD in THC eventually ;)
    ANY advice is welcomed. I will post pictures of my grow room as it comes together. Right now, it is just an empty shower.
  2. you should get an HPS with a conversion MH bulb.

    start the seedlings off with a little desk lamp and a cfl until week 2, then transpant into 3 gallon buckets. Make sure the buckets have holes and you mix perlite into the soil. You'll have no problems if you go with miracle grow organic. Just don't get anything with fertilizer in it. This takes the fertilizer control out of your hands.

    You may want to look into autolower strains to start out with.
  3. Okay thank you for the advice. Why do you recomend an autoflower strain? I really think I will be able to handle growing w/w or similar indoors. What do you guys think of growing w/w in my alotted space? I am thinking about getting feminized seeds, and I also plan on keeping a journal on here taking pictures and getting advice from the experts as I go about the health of my plant(s) and recommendations of what to do.
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    hey dude if ur on about white widow (w/w) then it can b quite sensitve to being over fed etc compaired to others, they can burn very easy so need less nutes & good 1's

    ps alot of people suggest growing an auto for a first grow as it a great way to get to grips with how MJ plants grow etc & a great introduction to MJ growing as u can get it donw to a T, for next time

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