Here's my first grow updated as often as possible

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    Hey guys.

    ok here we go, I have a place away from my house but i have access anytime so no problem whatsoever just not in my house for security reasons.

    I have it in a kind of box which has 2 fans one circulating air inside and the other one taking air out. also have a hole for air to get inside aswell.

    about the light i don't remember how much watts it is but ill keep you guys updated of what's going on :)
    i topped her as u can see on the pic from the top.

    here are the pics. let me know what you think and if there's anything to change at this point.

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  2. good start dude!

    id suggest getting rid of the tin foil.

    its a good start.

    but id use some poly.

    or a weather blanket.

    if you cant find either or. its not gonna kill your plant, it might just get a bit hot in there.
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    I only have tinfoil at the moment :( but it's not too hot it's freezing winter outside. I'll try to get a weather blanket at the end of this month :) thx for feedback :)

    edit: oh yeah im gonna get 4 CFLs real soon to make it more even from the corners instead of having it on top like that :)
  4. tin foil doesnt distribute light evenly, and can cause hotspots. use mylar if you can.

    but with that light, and the way you have the tin foil situated, I wouldnt worry about that too much, I doubt that light has enough power to harm your plants.
  5. Was thinking the same but I def have to change it before I put in the 4 CFLs ? or I can keep going with it ?

    oh btw I'm using the tinfoil reversed :D the side that distributes it evenly :D i mean more then the side that just shatters it into small rays :D
  6. white paint will do 100% reflection if you have the ability to paint it

    not sure what your box is or looks like lol.
  7. cant paint that :D isnt mine :D i guess ill get a weather blanket when i get a chance :)
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    hey guys :) ok it's moving a little slow cause of the one and only CFL :)) so I bought 4 CFLs today 6500K 23W each. I think she (hoping) will love the new light setup. Ill set it up tomorrow and ill take some new pics aswell :)

    BTW for now the tin foil doesnt seem to damage the plant in any ways so do you think once I put the 4 CFLs up it will ? or i can keep going for now ?
  9. couldnt wait :D well i didnt install the CFLs yet still on the one but here are some pics :) i guess its so slow because of the light ?
    any advices ? or anything i should change at this stage ?
    oh yeah the soil is local very rich soil so no additives whatsoever.

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  10. it's actually looking good, what color is the box under the foil? you would even do better to sticky tape some white printer paper on the walls than the foil

    also you should move your light to be horizontal above the plant

    otherwise, it really is looking good, keep it up, check out my grows if you get a chance, the link is in my signature
  11. commented and subbed :D and thx for input man :) always appreciate it :)

    well for the next update i guess we'll wait till tomorrow evening :)

    BTW i'm still on 24/0 is that ok ?
  12. usually i start on 24/0 then move to 18/6 or 20/4 depending on how keen i am and how i feel (i tried 19/5 also once, just for a laugh)

    i run my autos under 20/4 now, my photo plants under 18/6 and 12/12
  13. thx a lot kaz :)

    I really should make my next grow with an auto like northern lights, should be a fun experience :) can't wait to see how yours will be like :)
  14. hey folks :)

    well a little update, I put up 3 26W 6400K CFLs. havent changed the foil yet but will do as soon as possible :)

    and here are the pics :) leave some feedback, would be much appreciated. :)

    as you see on the pics, the arrows show which way the airflow goes :)

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  15. looks good bro. she is growing very nice.

    and i bet they are lovin that extra light
  16. Hi looks great. That looks like a tiny ill pot you have. Do you plan on transplanting at a later date?
  17. hey guys :)

    yep she loves it :) leaves look like they went up towards the light :)

    nah im not planning on transplanting im gonna flip her from tomorrow :)

    its just a test grow anyways before i get good seeds :)
    im just gonna see how big and how bud-y it will get :)

    ill update with new pics tomorrowz :)
  18. I wish my cfl setup was doing that well. I would suggest maybe having your output fan on top because hot air rises.
  19. yeah was thinking about that too am gonna do that tomorrow :) thanks greeneman
    why whats wrong with your cfl setup ? u got pics on here ?
    well I added 1 more CFL so that's 4 23 watt CFL setup on 6400K

    I took off the tin foil cause 4 CFLs is really a lot of heat inside so I just put up white printer paper ill update with new pics tomorrow

    btw I flipped her today, 12/12 now but I had one question... the fans have blue leds or whatever light they emit, when they are on... is that ok ?

    anyways here are the pics as of today minus tinfoil.
    BTW the tip of one leaf turned yellow as seen on the pic. I think it was cause of the tin foil ?

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