Heres my 2nd grow after i killed my 1st

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ReedyMc, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. iv finally managed to come across two strains this time instead of a unknown last time,
    i have germinated 3 papaya seeds Unknown sex, and 1 northern lights female cutting
    just posting up to show how its going and any troubles ill ask on here

    Thanks Reedy

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  2. it doesnt look like you have any perlite or vermiculite in your soil for airation & drainage
  3. Looks good, what happened to the first grow?
  4. i aint using perlite mainly because i aint been bothered to buy non but it should be ok for now untill i repot them ,and my other plant dies cos the box i wwas using got to hot and my plant burnt to death and i cunt of done nowt because i was at work but this is the furthest iv got with my plants
  5. How old are these ones?
  6. there ruffly about a month in to growth give or take a week or so. . . . but to be honest i aint been counting lol well they have just started new growth from the main stems cant wait to bud um ;p

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