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  1. ok most people grow with a tall and a narrow pot..but what if you grew with a short wide pot what would occur?
  2. why wouldnt it

    i have heard it would become more bushlike and if you think about it, it makes sense
  3. you can train it for it to ahve a bushy-like body..
    that allows you to have less room takin up per plant, and it lets some of the lower leaves get sunlight.
  4. the only dissadvantage of having a flat pot would be the strength of the plant.....i.e a plant nearly to the bottom of a 3 or 5 gallon pot can take quite a bit of weight from the top of the plant.....the stem is strengthened up by using a fan on it from a young as if the plant is to have a large yield, the stem can support it.......Peace out.....Sid
  5. there is what is called the 'root to shoot' ratio

    for each shoot of plant with its leaves and etc...u need a corresponding root system feeding that shoot system.

    if u ever look at a root bound plant...u can see this effect with the plant growing to max root size then kinda stopping its growing tho maturing. same with fish...they will grow as big as the tank lets it.

    so here is the q...what about flat compared to long skiny.

    my real guess is that as long as the size of the pot is ok to where the plant can still grow its new roots with the corresponding shoots...i think u are ok.

    there are a few advantages to a long skinny...mainly the strength issue.
    disadvantage is that water and nuts have a hard time getting to the root system all the way down there...but really u dont need that.

    there are a few advantages of the thin and wide bucket...mainly that nuts and water can get quickly to the root system.
    disadvantage is that your roots dont really wanna grow that way and prob take a bit longer to develop.

    moral of the story...use a 3gal pot with about a 3ft plant tops...then if u plan on it getting any bigger than that...go with a 5gap bucket.

    this is a 3gal bucket that i grow in and attached...the only diff between my 3 and a 5 is depth. not really any width difference

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  6. you tie the plant down, using string or somthing of the sort. therfore training it to grow outwards and such
    heres a pic, its hard to explain

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  7. if thats ur plant Stylez u wanna think about making the loops in the string where u have it tyed to ur plants a bit bigger. ur gonna find as the plant grows and the stems get thicker that the string is gonna strangle them.

    when i do that to plants i make the loop big enough to stick 2 fingers in. thats if ur gonna leave the string on for a while.
  8. ditto....when i do it i check it to make sure there isn't a lot of stress on it.......and i put the holes through the pot, but that looks like a clay pot so that's out the out......Sid
  9. For indoor grows I would think the tall skinny pot would be a more efficient use of space. Also be careful tying your plants like that . I was away for a while,(week and a 1/2) during my first grow and the plant I had tied down split in half. Both halves lived, but it went herm on me due to stress.
  10. ^^^ Cool!!! i want 1
  11. You want a hermaphrodite? Why?
  12. i think he means the one bud to bring them all together......Peace out....Sid
  13. aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I see........don't we all?

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