here's a wild story from yesterday.; very long read.

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  1. yesterday started out alright. my friend amanda came over as soon as i got up...bought a 35 and we packed the hookah [= then we went to the bank, burn turn blah blah. you know how it goes. she drops me off at home at about 2 oclock. doon [brother/smoke buddy] got home at 230. we smoked a bowl. our neighbours/cousins [scott and steve] came down. packed the hookah again. doon left and went to his dads at about 5? 530? i dont really remember. scott left when doon did. steve and i hung out and smoked some more. chris [boyfriend] and his dad stopped in on their way to the jail [going to see jj...chris' brother] everyone left at 630. i ate a muffin real quick, talked to mom for a couple minutes on the phone, and i jumped in the shower. put conditioner in my hair, started lathering up my spongy thing and i heard my dog FREAK out. i heard someone on the porch too...very loud hah. so i figured it was either scott and steve again or someone of the sort...a friend. i didnt suspect someone breaking in at all. who's loud when they break into someones house? well, i happened to peek out of the shower curtain at JUST the right time and someone caught my eye as they were running past the bathroom window. THATS when i got scared. if they werent here to cause problems, why did someone run away as soon as the dark started freaking out? i jumped outta the shower, conditioner in my hair and all. threw on some clothes, grabbed my phone and txtd my brother. told him to get his ass home because someone tried to break in. then i hear someone upstairs. they werent quiet at all either.
    so i waited in the bathroom until doon got back...i didnt hear anyone leave or anything so i wasnt sure what was going on but i really didnt want to call the cops because i had shit out EVERYWHERE in my room...hookah, pipes, bongs, weed all of it...and i knew the cops would search the place. AND i knew that whoever it was inside had to have known us...bc they werent scared of our i wasnt too worried about getting hurt. whoever it was wanted something.
    doon gets home at 7. im still in the bathroom. he comes in, i come out of the bathroom, brady ended up coming too. we searched the house...someone was in the office. that's the only room that was touched. mail thrown everywhere and shit. called mom, she called the cops. 5 or 6 cop cars showed up just a few minutes later. in that time, doonie was running around hiding all of our shit.
    cops searched the house, inside and out, searched our garage, didnt find anyone obviously.

    we believe it was the neighbours. we think they were set up to come in here and find my stepdads rent check that was from my aunt. 900 dollars to her is a lot of money. we went to court for it last month and shit. its kinda a long story too...but whoever broke in knew what was going on in here yesterday. why else would someone break into a completely lit up house with a german shepard tweaking out? so they knew i was the only one here, they knew eactly what i was doing etc.
    steve denied a ride home...and he just got knee surgery. i think: he waited outside around the house until he knew i was in the shower. got scott down here, and sent scott inside. steve was the one that i saw run...because of scotts loudness on the porch and shit...steve probably figured i was going to come out of the bathroom and catch them in the act and steve didnt want to be on bad terms with me so he just took off. my aunt couldve offered scott 50 dollars out of the check or something if he found it and took it back to her, so scott definitely wouldve tried to find it. and the office was the only room that was touched. not only do i know that because of the scattered mail, i know it was because i know my house, and i heard them in that general area. anyone else that it coulve been [the person i saw run looked like a young guy] probably wouldve went to my room. ya know, laptop, money, weed, ipod, shit like that.
    also, steve and scott are familiar with our house, obviously. and whoever it was that broke in was too. they didnt piss around. got in, went straight to the office.

    i dont know exactly who it was...and we'll probably never know. but i think that we're pretty damn accurate with what we have so far.

    sorry if this is hard to follow. yesterday was just a mess.
    if ya didnt read it all, i understand too. hah i just figured someone would be bored enough to read it.
  2. It's times like these I try to get in contact with who I suspect to have commited whatever act. And start dropping hints, ways to kinda lock 'em in a corner without them directly knowing it.

    Then hit 'em where it hurts with all their weak points.

    But that's fucked up, I know what it's like to feel like your home in being invaded, it's exciting yet aggrivating at the same time.
  3. put a laser on your dogs head
    but seriously, thats wicked fucked up. Usually cops are pretty good at handling home invasions and stuff, so try and go through them.

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