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Here's a story for ya

Discussion in 'General' started by ShowYaLuv, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. Ight so I've been talking to this girl for like 3 months. We go to the same college and were on winter break. We slept together like 3 times never fucked tho. She came over today around 7pm and we were laying in my bed the whole time. We started hooking up after a while, then shit got heated at like 930 haha. She said she's had a lot of sex in her life and before 3 hours ago I was a virgin. We fucked for like an hour and I never came. We took a "smoke break" at 11. She brought a g and I got some dank ass shit. I rolled like a 1.4 white grape game mixing the shit. My brother, she and I smoked this blunt and stopped halfway cause we were all high as fuck. It started getting kinda awkward when we were smoking outside cause I was high as fuck, and was and still am tired as shit. We go back up to my room at like 12 (thirty minutes ago) and after we both go to the bathroom were laying in my bed for like 10 minutes. Beavis and butthead is on and I'm high as fuck so I was kinda watching that while she's going to bed. Then she tells me to come to bed with her. This next shit happened so fast i can't comprehend what happened yet since it was only like 10 minutes ago. She says something like I'm going to bed and I said ok so am I. Then she said why? I don't remember what was said next but she was like I'm not having sex again. And I was like ok that's fine (I really didn't care anymore, too high) then she's like you're gonna rape me. I'm like what are you talking about you're scaring me I'm not doing anything to you. Then she asked if I drugged her and what was in that weed (even though she smokes everyday and it was her weed too) she was staring at me so weird I was freaked out but wasn't trying to show it. Then she asked if I have feelings?? And then she said she had to go outside, which I knew she meant she wanted to leave. Now she's gone and idk what the fuck happened. I did nothing bad here at all I am fucking flustered. I told her she was having an anxiety attack from the weed, it happens sometimes and to calm down and be cool. Do you think I'm right? That's the only possible answer I can come up with
  2. damn she must have been sooo fucking paranoid high. But when it comes to rape I would not even joke about that. You didn't really do anything wrong, she could of just freaked out. When tomorrow comes, call her and be like "Are you ok, you really scared me last night" and just let her know she started freaking out a bit as she was high. All should be well.
  3. Good look bro that's what I was thinking. She also said were both too high right now, why are you not freaking out like me? I told her Ive smoke the same stuff the last 2 weeks and I'm fine, and she said she smoked her weed before too nothing was fcking laced or anything shits driving me insane

  4. Yeah don't even fret on it, you actually did nothing wrong so.. best to not think about it, and deal with it tomorrow.
  5. Damn that sucks man, she was just that high and the paranoia was flowing.
  6. she just got a little too high and let the paranoia get the best of her. call her tomorrow make sure shes alright and that there no hard feelings or anything
  7. subbed to see what she says hahah
  8. Another thing I remember from last night. After we smoked we were both really high but we were fine, talking, cuddling, whatever. Then out of no where she says my name, while we're like face to face. I say her name, then she says my name like 3 more times as if I never responded. She was looking at my like I was dead or something then she looks a little to the right of me out the window and stared for like 20 seconds. I was calling her name, rubbing her arm, no response, then she just like snapped out of it. Anyone ever have anything like this happen? Like she was in her own completely paranoid state of mind. These images are just burned into my head and I can't stop thinking about it. 30 minutes til noon and I'm still in bed. I'm not textin her all day she can text me, I kinda want an apology
  9. thats what i call getting high as phuck. like everyone said her emotions got the best of her. I think u deserve an apology from her. Sounds like she never got that high b4 and started to think the weed was laced. and the rape part was a bit overkill too loll. U got this fam stand your ground
  10. Maybe you did drug/ rape her and this thread is an alibi. Hmmm. o_O
  11. Be prepared for a knock on your door bro.
  12. How did .7 get 3 people high as fuck? And the girl smokes everyday and was acting like that? Stay away from her.
  13. If any girl ever told me i was going to rape her i would have escorted her outside and slammed the door in her fucking face.
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    Clearly says 1.4

    Edit: Forgot we only smoked half that blunt. Idk how we all got so stoned but this blunt was ripping and we were all just sitting there listening to music, I think we all kinda just zoned out and kept hitting the b getting higher and higher
  15. Right.............

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