Heres a question (a good one to.)

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What would you rather do? Take a THC pill or keep smoking the weed.

  1. Id stick with the weed

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  2. Id do the pill

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  3. hell ill do both

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  1. Wondering..... i dunno wut id do...
  2. i would smoke the weed ,if you took the pill you coulden get knocked up !day after day the same buzz no highs and low just like my meds! fuck that!
  3. I pick both...shit take 5 or 6 THC pills be right fucking baked where I cant smoke up but as long as I dont have to worry about anything I would rather put the THC in the air...
  4. well there are such things as thc pills.. have any of you ever had any or seen any? they would both be nice tho to do both
  5. The pills pharmacies make aren't real THC. they change around a part of it so it has the same effects as THC but it isn't real. They do this so they can patent it. You cant patent a plant. its all about the money to them.
  6. I have taken Marinol and It is not near as enjoyable as real Marijuana.It was a very lethargic dizzy buzz that felt more like I was on sleeping pills and beer than weed.

    I will stick with my Organic homegrown.I dont need the goverment to supply my medicine,I just need them to get the fuck off my back for supplying my own.
  7. Stash_bastard,
    I also have tried marinol and thought it sucked. I just kept walking into stuff and was dizzy for a few days. Burning is the only way to fly.
  8. i take a experamental drug for sizgers called neurontin 4 x or 100 to 1000 at my judgement! dayly, it deadens the nerves in the brain! they tryed it on me because they had no other meds to help me, it deadens the nerves and thats whats wrong, after a while the nerves become non reposive! that means you start loseing the feeling in your hole body till you lose all feelings i dont like the pain but i hate the idea of not knowing my death! it gives you much the same buzz as weed but its a last resorte to prolong my life ! pills have their good points as well as their bad!good luck tazz11

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