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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by anaujiram420, Dec 7, 2003.

  1. does my plant look good for being around a month old?

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  2. give us some info on your plant, and your set up?
  3. this is another angle. my camera sucks so the picture aint that good.

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  4. well, what i can tell u from the pics is, the lights are to far away.. thats why your plant is streching. i can also tell u that u seem to have the wrong lights.. i think u useing a house light right.. get your self some flourecent lights bulds... on these forum theres a sticky of VatoLoco, with some guides, and light sites, and a lot more stuff, that will get you through your first grow.....latezzz..

    PS.. transplant aswell into a 3 or 5 gollan size pot, and try to burried the stem deeper in, and put a fan on it...latezzz..
  5. well i have two reflectors and each one has a 60 watt bulb in it and the bulb says it for indoor growing. i bought it from walmart. also, i have the light about 6 inches away and i water it with water from my dehumidifier. i also give it these miracle grow sticks i have but only half a stick at a time, for now.
  6. there something wrong then...

    by now, yours leaves should of develop right.. lets see if somebody else got something to say about these.. asfar i can tell u.. is to replant into a 3 or 5 gallon pot, and burried the stem deeper in. also add a fan on it....
  7. does my plant look good for being around a month old?

    well, um
    do everything shade said and stop using water from your dehumidifier :D

  8. get your self some compact florescent bulbs.
    as high a wattage as you can find.

    you say you have 60w bulbs?
    are these incandescent bulbs?
    if so ditchem for sure and go with CF's
    get them as close as you can without touching.
    they look ok but can be better with more light

    the streaching is from insufficient light
  9. one more thing...

    i had them miricale sticks aswell, and they suck man...

    u will want to go buy some all purpose plant food, with a equal number for veg.... u will see a big improvement...latezz....
  10. try something that's 20-20-20 with micro nutes
    but go real easy on em to start with, 1/8 recomended dose and gradually increase.

    and don't forget to flush your soil
  11. thanks for the help. yes i am using incandescent but it said for indoor plant growth. what would be a good suggestion?
  12. ok have you ever seen this kind of light they have them at walmart for cheap.but yea get a few of these and put them about an inch away from your plants.

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  13. yup.. dose are the lights.. but make sure to keep a eye on the plants.. u never know when is gonna grow like crazy, and the light bulbs will do a big damage to your plants..
  14. thanx a lot for all of the help. also what is the biggest wattage i can get. cuz i seen on this website it only went up to like 50. is that enough or no?
  15. they come in all wattages, just read the package carefully because it will say something like 20w (75w equivelent)
    so the bulb uses 20 w but puts out the same lumens as a 75 w incandescent bulb
    but to answer the Q. I had one that was 24w(I belive) that was 100w equivelent.
    not sure but I think I've seen them larger, I am going to be keeping my eyes open as I want a bigger one also.
    my 100w burnt out and all I have is that 75 w right now.
  16. alright!! i went and bought a two pack for 8 dollars, which was cheap. and they were 26 watts and equal 100watts. but the biggest they had was 30 something and it equalled 150 watts, but i didnt have that much money cuz those were 9 dollars a piece.

    also, if i shouldnt use water from my dehumidifier what kind should i use? thanx again.
  17. go to a water store and by purified water there is no cloreen in it or how ever u spell it
  18. my other lights were 65watt plant grow and show incandescents. and those are no good right. what about my fridge with a purifier on it. the kind you can get water and ice out of.
  19. u can also pour water in a gallon, and leave it out for 1 day, and then add it to the plant.. A grower in here dose that, but cant recall who...
  20. even tap water is better.
    I see no problem using the fridge water.

    good find on the lights.
    where did you get it?
    I need a 30 w for veg

    also the best thing you can do is find out the pH of your water

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