Here's a picture of my sick plant...Can you help

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  1. All my plants seem to have this problem, my wife thinks it's a bug. The leaves have brown half moon to circle spots and they are dying. I sprayed them with Ortho Max but it doesn't seem to be helping. Could this be something in the soil? Live in PA and have rocky and dry soil but fill with Expert Gardners Perfect Mix, feeds for up to 90 days. Any sugestions will help. Sorry I can't get a better photo.
    Starvin Marvin

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  2. dang man someone had a really good guide about the health of plants and what signs are what, try to search the place for it i will too and if i find it ill post it here for u.
  3. awesome thnx for linky, hope OP gets on soon to find out
  4. Looks more like a MG defiency.Try 1 tsp of epson salts added to your next watering. Also could be Nute burn that time released soil you have used often causes problems.
  5. i agree ... looks like Mg
  6. Expert Gardners Perfect Mix, feeds for up to 90 days Is this time release nutrients, if so it is probably the soil. That shit is bad. You need to get some organic soil and get rid of that time release shit.
  7. Rofl I dont think thats magnesium at all..


    Mg affects the entire leaf, all the way around, leaving more green inside.

    That brown spotting is more like Calcium.


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